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Over the summer my eldest son began knitting again. This was primarily prompted by his love for hats so it seemed a fairly natural extension that he would love Woolly Wormhead’s designs. In fact it was only a few weeks ago that I blogged about Aeonium that he had just knit for a friend!

During August he was looking around at hat patterns online and came across the Camden Cap and loved it. Then, almost as though it was meant to be, I got an invitation to the Classic Woolly Toppers blog tour. Blogging about my son’s hat knitting progress seemed like a perfect blog tour stop for us – I even got him to write his own thoughts on the knitting progress.

(c) Woolly Wormhead

Before I start talking about specifics of the Camden Cap I’d like to tell you a little about the book. Classic Woolly Toppers is a book of classic hats  with a Wormhead twist! There are 44 pages with 10 designs and the start of the book also includes multiple pages of illustrated tutorials for techniques you may not have previously used.

(c) Woolly Wormhead

Woolly is really a designer after my own heart, she likes to design hats that are just a little quirky, with elements that make sense from a construction point of view. It is an interesting process working through a pattern with my son. We found some Cushendale DK wool in my stash that he liked the colour of and got started.  He hasn’t come across a lot of the techniques before but I’m just teaching him each one as we reach it. We’ve now done the provisional cast on, short rows, picking up wraps and undoing the provisional cast on. We’re currently working on the blocking and moving on to the joining of the hem. The patterns are all so well written that once the technique has been explained he’s well able to go from there to working through the remainder of the hat.  I’m afraid thanks to the imposition of school he hasn’t finished the hat yet but that will be another blog post :-)

Now here, in Caelen’s own words was his experience knitting Camden:

“I discovered this hat when investigating the website of wooly wormhead. I was intrigued by the peak of this hat, as I had never encountered such a design in a piece of knitware before. After expressing this interest to my Mum, I discovered how it worked. As the blog tour of C.W.T. was taking place, I decided to give it a go and show my results. The hat has a very interesting design, I have just moved on from the peak to the brim, and should finish it soon. Knitting together two pieces of wool around a piece of constantly slipping plastic was a first for me, I can confidently say. This hat is by far one of the more challenging knits I’ve done, and I’ve enjoyed and learned a lot knitting it so far. I look forward to seeing how it turns out!”

Knitting in the plastic
Close up of plastic in peek
Finished peek
Starting the brim in the round

For any of you out there who would like to join my son knitting Camden it’s actually Woolly Wormhead’s September KAL!

If you want to check out some of the blog tour stops before me, Subway Knits was the previous stop and the next stop on the tour will be on the 21st of September with Tot Toppers.

And now for the giveaway!! If you’d like a chance to get your hands on a digital copy of this book just put your ravelry name in the comments below with your favourite hat from the book.  I’ll pick a winner on Saturday 22nd of September so get your comment in by then!

Book details:

Classic Woolly Toppers is authored and published by Woolly Wormhead Published July 2012
Print edition:44 pages, full colour, 7.75in x 7.75in, 120g ISBN/EAN13: 1477610952 / 9781477610954 RRP: £12/$17/€15
Digital edition:PDF: 46 pages, full colour, 150DPI, 5MB Product no.: WW204BClassicWoollyToppers RRP: £9/$15/€12

46 thoughts on “Classic Woolly Toppers blog tour & giveaway

  1. It’s too cool that your son is knitting hats! Good job, Caelen! And may I just congratulate your choice to knit a hat by Wolly Wormhead? I really love all of her designs, they’re so ingenious – and well written, too.
    best wishes,
    Juliane (Llule on Ravelry)

  2. I really would love to make Corbelle. I really need some warmer hats and such for stomping across campus in the middle of winter:-)

    (shumke on Ravelry)

  3. I love all of Woolly Wormhead’s hats, and have knit quite a few of them. I like Alternato the best, although I can see myself making quite a few others as well! sassykrafty on Ravelry

  4. I love that your son knits! I’ve been slowly teaching my husband how to knit. He gets so jealous that I have something to show for my “down” time. I can’t wait to see your son’s finished hat!

    Thanks for the giveaway! I’m NessaMcTastic on Ravelry.

  5. I wish i could get my kids interested in Knitting *sighs … bet it’s hard having to share your woolly stash with him, Carol :P
    Caelen, you are a superstar!!!
    Happy Knitting Dude!

    S xXx

  6. My fave is Imagiro – it’s a real statement hat!

    It was great to hear about your year on Friday at this is knit – looking forward to the follow-up report on your quiet year next time!

    I’m HappySunshine on Rav!

  7. You can always count on Wooly Wormhead designs being creative& fun!

    I love the look of Imagiro, but don’t think my thick, curly head of hair would be too attractive. While I probably won’t be free to join the KAL, Camden is definitely in my future.

    You can find me on Rav as PrincessMommie

  8. It’s a close call between Imagiro and Ravine, but I’d knit them all!
    (KateMisbehavin on Ravelry)

  9. I like Camden first and Imagiro second. I would love a chance to see how the patterns are written. Happy knitting to your son.
    Adrienne (Dancingwolfeyes on Ravelry)

  10. Ravelry Name = Poppylillious

    I had the pleasure of meeting Woolly Wormhead at her workshop in TIK last month. She has such a natural talent when it comes to designing hats!! My favourite from the book has to be Taboosh :-)

  11. I’m going for Corbelle and then Sumner. What a wonderful bunch of hats! kkkkate on Ravelry

  12. So hard to decide on just the one. Alternato looks like a good one– I love the slight slouchiness. Imagiro is intriguing. But my favorite and the one I would knit first is Taboosh. I love the pillbox shape and the dense fabric. It would keep me nice and warm this winter. Thnk you for this give-away!

  13. How wonderful that you son has been knitting hats…Great work.

    I love how modern looking Camden Cap is.. I would wear that hat in a heart beat…

    have a wonderful week everyone
    Lisa (SunSandDisney on rav.,)

  14. I really like Taboosh! Hemmed caps have such a lovely, clean, classic look. The top makes it just a touch funky! The Camden Cap is also great and going on the long list of projects to be knit. AmyWake on Ravelry

  15. The Camden Cap is my fave, so I was very interested to see your son’s WIP to see how the brim works! Would love to win the ebook! Also, I’m in your class on Craftsy and I love it! I am still hunting for yarn, can’t wait to start switching.

  16. i just love karenin. i had the chance to see this knit up as a sample at one of wollys workshops and it really is lovely,
    puddleduckjam on rav

  17. I keep looking through the patterns in CWT but I keep coming back to Camden as my fav. I think I’m going to make one for my crazy daughter :) Can’t wait to see your sons when he has finished it.
    nicsknots on Rav

  18. I’d love to knit Annular. I love a nice drapey beret and I lost my favourite one last year. I called it my raz-beret (it reminded me of a raspberry) and I’m devastated by the loss. I need a new favourite beret!
    lots of love,

  19. love the camden, it reminds me of the caps we saw on lots of kids in peru when we travelled there, but with a grown-up slouch! (eileen-s on ravelry)

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