Woodburne Cardigan progress

Over the last few weeks the knitters on my Woodburne KAL have been working away at a great pace! With their kind permission I’ve shared a handful of their works in progress so you can see how they’re all making great headway. As several knitters have all pointed out on the ravelry board though, this is most defiantly not a race. This is about enjoying the knitting, learning new skills and challenging yourself.  For knitters who have never knit a garment before it can be very intimidating so the encouragement of a KAL is the ideal place to get started.  Everyone is going at their own pace, with some finished in days while others won’t be finished for several months.  If you’re having fun then you’re doing it right :-)

As you can see the first clue was for the body, you can see how the waist decreases move the cables in towards each other at the back and then back out as you move towards the bust.  While many of the knitters are trying the delicious Briar Rose Fibers yarn for the first time there is also a variety of other yarns being used so you can see how the cardigan looks in a variety of yarns.

Remember it’s never too late to join in – the discussions are all up there on the board for you to follow along!

(Please note that the photo’s below are linked to Ravelry projects so you need to logged into Ravelry to see the full project details).

Sewknitful with Fouth of July
Jvc with Drops Karisma
SusannaL with Stonehedge fiber Mill
SunSandDisney with Knitpicks cotlin
Mirdiz with Fourth of July
Wanuaknit with Fourth of July
Treadlegenie with Fisherman's wool
spikeysandy with Tosh DK twist
Sandygale with Fourth of July
slhill with Mountain colors