Woodburne clue 1 live & back in the grove

Are you eagerly awaiting clue 1 for the Woodburne Cardigan KAL?  Well check your inbox it’s just been sent out!  If you’ve been thinking about joining but couldn’t decide just jump in and keep us company :-)  To chat with other knitters working on Woodburne at the same time come visit us on the ravelry board here.

For anyone following my blog you might know that I seem to be having a hard time getting my design life flowing smoothly.  It felt like I just kept starting projects and they wouldn’t quite click in place.  The idea would be there, but the knitting didn’t quite have that magic.  Plus every time I sat down to write a pattern I just wasn’t able to focus.  Even small jobs were taking twice as long as they should.  I have no idea what changed but last week it felt like something clicked back in place for me again.  Everything I touched worked :-)  I don’t have a clue how long this will last but I like it!

What might have helped is that I decided on a plan for the next 9 months.  I’ve ordered and gathered yarn (well some is still on it’s way) for both a small spring/summer collection and a bigger Autumn booklet.  All of the colors, yarns and ideas just seem to be falling into place and the knitting has got that something special back.  I love it when something works better on the needles than in your head!

While I can’t show you all the knitting just yet I’ll give you a little yarnie preview ……

So how well do you know your yarn?  Recognize any in the photo?