Christmas Decorations

On Monday a friend of mine gave me this Christmas Ornament –

This was not the only one she made, in fact she had an entire box of baubles that she was in the process of covering with crochet to give as gifts to a class she was teaching.  I was in awe.  Last year she had bought clear baubles that she created crochet icicles for to hang inside.  I spend so much time knitting large items like garments and shawls that I forget how useful knitting and crochet can be.  In a

few minutes and you can change a very basic bauble into something truly unique and special.  Even though I don’t crochet I think that crochet works especially well for these small items.

Do you think you’ll decorate or make any of your own Christmas ornaments this year?  I’ve been taking a look at some that are out there to give you some ideas if you are!

I love the simplicity of these knitted stars – Stjärna

My good friend Ann Kingstone designed this pretty heart last year – Adore

The cutest little mini hats from Woolly Wormhead – Minikins

You’ll need a little starch for these -  Crocheted snowflakes

Mini sweaters for your tree – Cheers!

Christmas baubles

Pretty lace baubles

Beaded baubles

Happy Christmas to you all!

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