New KAL – Coriander Hat

I don’t knit an awful lot of hats, I’m not sure why, they’re tons of fun!  Before Christmas I started knitting this hat with some delicious leftover Briar Rose and Madelinetosh yarns I had in my stash.  I didn’t have enough yarn left to knit a garment but there was more than enough for a hat.

I love the idea of cables running across ribbing and eating it up  – I’ve looked at this idea before with Ambroso Mittens where the cables then go on to meander up the mittens.  This time I wanted the cables to continue to curve into the crown of the hat.  It took me a while to get there, in fact I think I may have spent more time designing this hat than a garment!  It does mean that it’s been tested from every angle, every size has been knit up with multiple yarns.  But the best endorsement of the hat comes from my second son who has not taken it off since it was knit for him :-)

I think this hat will make a perfect KAL, it’s small enough to be completed quickly but there is enough going on that it should lead to some interesting discussions on the KAL group!  Come join me on the KAL, full details are on the Coriander Hat page.  The pattern is up right now at a big discount.  When you purchase you’ll download an information sheet that has a discount code also from Briar Rose Fibers (if you need an excuse to indulge!).  You can start swatching and on the 8th of February the KAL will start and I’ll upload the complete pattern.  It’s a great way to learn cables!

As with all other KALs I’ll be answering questions every day and if any problems arise I’ll post a tutorial or video to help you all out.

Looking forward to starting next month, come join us!