New Year Happenings

Happy New Year to all you out there who read my blog!  So much happened in the last year it feels like it lasted an awful lot longer than 12 months.  I started the year getting my Fyberspates ‘Scrumptious Knits‘ book printed.  This was a big step for me as I’ve never printed such a large quantity of books. In May I reached my 100th pattern milestone and ran the Ravi KAL which was so much fun thanks to all the knitter who participated and gave it a life of its own.  The next month I went to Denver to record my Craftsy classes, Short Rows and Celtic Cables.  This was probably one of the most different things I’ve ever done but was such a fantastic experience.  The year was then rounded out with my Woodburne cardigan KAL and my first contribution to Brooklyn Tweed’s wool people – Hathaway.

Outside of work this year we actually took a full 3 week holiday (a good and bad thing!) and I reduced my commitment level over the summer so there was less conflict with the boys.  I managed to start exercising last year but it somehow fizzled out over the summer and when I hurt my knee a few months ago it totally stopped even my walking.  So as soon as the boys go back to school next week I’m getting back to my exercise…does downloading a new Pilates app count as good intentions??

So what’s happening next year?  I’ll be starting with 2 classes at one of my favorite venues, This Is Knit in Dublin.  There are still a few places left if you want to join us….

I’ve already finished a spring collection and the photos have even been done when Joe was back in Florida!  There will be a new smaller KAL coming up at the end of the month and a bigger one at the end of the spring.  And my biggest commitment right now is another self-published book for TNNA this June.  I’m busy slaving away on the designs so that we’ll have enough time to photograph, edit, test and layout the book (and of course time to print!).  It always amazes me how far ahead of the actual deadline everything needs to be finished so that you have enough time.  One of those situations where you think you have all the time in the world but if you actually plug the timing into a calender you realize how tight it will be!

So happy New Year to you all, may next year be good to you and congratulations to my KAL winners from the Woodburne KAL.  Well deserved, there are some amazing finished cardigans there, go take a look!

3 thoughts on “New Year Happenings

  1. What a lot of accomplishments for one year. You are very busy. I want to thank you for the time you take to support us in our knitting goals. I love your book “Contemporary Irish Knits,” and I plan to purchase more of your books. I also enjoy your Craftsy classes, and I am learning a lot. Your explanations of the projects are excellent. I really enjoy the history spots about various mills in Ireland in the book. I truly want to make a trip over there and view some of the areas personally. Until then, I look forward to long-distance communications and learning opportunities.

    I look forward to participating in more classes and working through your books. Unfortunately, I have to hold off from participating in any KALs until after May of this year when I finally graduate with a bachelor’s degree.

  2. Hello — I love your work! You are one of the “culprits” I point to when I wonder why the knitting books/materials I have amassed far exceed the paltry few hours per month I can devote to knitting! I suspect I am building a retirement project! I discovered you while recovering from a knee injury, and hope to finish at least one piece from your Contemporary Irish Knits book. Thank you for such lovely designs!

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