Aruba Winner!

It’s a day late but I want to congratulate doenjoy on Ravely for winning our Aruba KAL prize.  There were so many beautiful shawls knit I wish I could send a prize out to everyone. I’m planning on sending out a set of my favorite stitch markers that I get fairly frequently!

We’ve had a busy day today, my second son made his confirmation and we went out for dinner after to celebrate.  Outside of holidays this really never happens due to a combination of a large family (cost prohibitive!) and a busy schedule.  This does mean that when it does happen it’s extra fun and special for everyone.  He’s now out having a good time bowling with friends :-)

Coming home Joe picked up a pressie for me, a cute shopping bag.

…that even has a snap in pocket for stitch marker!

How cute is this?

In preparation for the confirmation yesterday I went to get my hair trimmed and decided to get a fringe cut.  I think I like it but it feels very strange still.  I’m curious how well it’ll work once my hair is curly again!