Is Spring Here?

In Ireland (as with much of the world it seems!) Spring has been very, very slow to make itself know.  March here in Cork was the coldest in 5o years and further up the country it was the coldest on record.  It makes it difficult to get the Spring brightness buzz going…..but, but…..we’ve got sunshine this week and temperatures that have actually passed single digits.  Yesterday my car actually told me it was 18 degrees.  As we are in Ireland it seems likely this will only last a day or two but I’m willing to take it :-0

If you look really closely I think you’ll see a hint of blue in the sky?  I know the branches are still bare but hopefully with a few more days of warmer weather we’ll start to see leaves as well :-)

It feels like the busy exam & travel season is about to begin as well.  I’m feeling very excited about the coming months and bursting with energy to get started on it all.

Do you like the start of Spring?  Tell me what you like most about Spring and to celebrate its late arrival I’ll give away my newest spring pattern, Meves, to someone on Friday.

25 thoughts on “Is Spring Here?

  1. Spring here in Ontario is like a rebirth, you suddenly wake up to hear the birds singing, Little flowers start to pop up in gardens and there is a smell in the air I can’t quite put into words, Its like grass after a rainstorm…

  2. Living in the middle of the woods, Spring happens overnight! One day everything is brown and the next unbelievably green. The birds are busy and their singing brings you out on your deck. I feel like I’m in the middle of a rainforest…Spring truly makes me smile.

  3. I love watching the Earth wake up. The winter is long and dark and cold for me and the hints that spring is coming are always welcome. The little peak of green coming up the the brown grass, the tiny bud on a tree branch that is only visible if you stop and look for it, the critters starting to make their appearance in the warmth of the day. Just when I am doubting, these all assure me that winter will indeed end.

  4. I love the feeling of “renewal” spring brings. It’s like a chance to start over. As I see grass turning greener and leaves beginning to bud…my energy seems to build and my attitude is better and a spring returns to my step.

    But if I had to pick just 1 thing…It’s seeing the Forsythia’s in bloom. That to me is the first sign of spring in northern IL and the burst of yellow tells me that all the other signs of spring are just a few weeks behind.

  5. I love the green grass and the spring flowers. But most of all I love spring because of all the newborn animals. Expecting two foals and four ducklings soon on our farm.

  6. The best thing about spring is the collective sigh of relief we all breathe, knowing we’ve survived another winter. It is like putting on a fun pair of heels in place of the sensible but boring brown boots you’ve had to wear for months.

    Spring is an invitation to joy…

  7. Spring in New Mexico has also been slow in coming this year. Here spring is the warm kiss of the sun on your back, the bits of dark green but mostly silvery green appearing in shrubs and grasses, iris blooming, sprinklers working and dusty winds.

  8. Spring has not yet arrived in Chicago. We have plenty of rain, however. But it’s more to the tune of April showers bring loads of flooding.

  9. Spring is my favorite season. It is like the slow addition of color to a black and white painting. The grass is a beautiful vivid green, the trees are budding and beginning to bloom, annuals and bulbs are beginning to grow. It is a time of rebirth and hope. Spring makes me happy:)

  10. Spring in Southern Calif usually finally brings the rain I love the way it washes everything clean, our flowers bulbs usually are done blooming by the time March rolls around

  11. Spring in northern California continues to happen very early this year with not enough rainfall. Everything is green and blooming including trees that shouldn’t be leafing out for another month. Lots of inspiration to grow and start new things.

  12. Watching for the garlic I planted last October to sprout (it’s up!) and listening for the cardinal who perches in the same tree every year to sing me awake every morning.

  13. I love sitting in my garden next to the dafodils knitting ans spinning while my daughters play.

  14. I planted daffodil bulbs when we moved to our house 13 years ago. Every spring I look forward to them coming up and blooming.

  15. There is a wonderful smell in the air as it warms up and things start to grow. Now that I live in NE Florida, I don’t get to experience that. But we do have spring. Here it’s the time of year when it’s warm but not too humid so lunch outdoors is an enjoyable event.

  16. I love spring because it means I can start biking to work. I love seeing the birds return and the smell of the dirt. I’m really looking forward to it, when will it come? It is like the 10 month pregrancy, I know something fanastic is going to happen, but every day it is still winter. When will it be spring?

  17. I love the renewal of life every spring. The little green buds popping out their head from the dark harsh soil; the explosion of colors from all kinds of flowers. It feels so refreshing.
    And backcountry skiing – soft corn snow on sunny days make fabolus spring days

  18. what a beautiful vest so many interesting details I bet it would be really fun to knit

  19. Tulips are my favorite sign of spring! And I have some in front of my house trying to open now in central New York State.

  20. I love the fresh smells of Spring, like the clean air, new flowers, cut grass. Leaving my windows open at night, even with nighttime temps still in the 40s, lets in the Spring air in the a.m. to wake me up.

  21. Spring is my favorite time of year as it’s so energizing with all the flowers and greenery popping out. Oh what a joy to see those lovely tulips!

  22. Love seeing the bright flowers blooming and the sunshine warm on my back. The end of knitting gloves, hats and scarves, for a while!

  23. I love to see the spring flowers and trees blooming but my favorite thing to watch bloom are my lilacs.

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