Pro-Verbial yarn club – Semi-Quaver

A few months ago I finished a shawl for the yarn store A Verb for Keeping Warm. Every year they run their ‘Pro-Verbial‘ yarn club and invite designers to contribute patterns for each of their shipments. I actually thought I had already blogged about this but I found a draft blog with only the title so it looks like I never got past the title in my writing!  So may I belatedly introduce, Semi-Quaver.

The design of this shawl was interesting for me, usually you don’t have a yarn limit when you’re designing but with this shawl I wanted to create a unique design but not allow it to run over 385 yards (Yarn is Creating) that comes with the club shipment. I decided to design a shawl that could be ended at each side when the yarn runs out, ideally you can get to the finish but if your yardage was a little short or your gauge different you could still have a beautiful finished shawl.

This shawl started with a center out back panel in a simple lace. Sometimes starting with just a few stitches is tricky but I use a method in the pattern that makes it super easy :-) From there each side ‘wing’ is worked in short row garter wedges until you reach the full size. It would be possible to extend these wings also by working more wedges. Due to the nature of the shawl it needs some blocking of the wings to achieve it’s full potential!

This shawl is currently exclusive to the club but by July I can release it into the wild. I might even experiment a little to see how extending the wings works….