Aruba KAL end & video

There are some lovely versions of Aruba popping up on ravelry.  The version I’ve shown in the photo is the smaller version but a knitter has already finished a large version that looks totally amazing!

I’ve had a few questions on how the fringe works at the edge.  It can seem somewhat scary to start ripping your knitting so I’ve posted a video to show how I’ve done it, hopefully it makes it a little more manageable!

If you’ve finished go ahead and take a photo and post it here.  I’ll use the posts to choose a winner for the KAL at the start of next week.

Maybe you can help me out, what would you like to see as a prize for the KAL? Yarn, a book (mine or others), maybe a collection of pdf patterns?  Something totally different?  Would love to hear what you think makes a good KAL prize!

One thought on “Aruba KAL end & video

  1. First of all: what a nice KAL and really an addictive pattern :-)
    Well, never thought of winning a prize, so what would be a nice prize? I have enough yarn (I can´t believe that I´m saying that ;-) ), so I would love to get a book or some pdf patterns. And I´m totally keen on ring markers…

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