Peek number 3 – Gabbro

While I’m away at TNNA in Ohio I thought I’d schedule a post for you to take another look at Among Stones.  It will be very soon now when we have this up to order on Ravelry and my website!

This top down sweater is knit using a yarn from a new hand dyer, Coolree, in Ireland.  He makes the most wonderful yarns and this one is knit using his fingering Merino/Silk blend.

You can see in this photo that one side has a delicate lace panel running down the side that expands out once it reaches the hips. I’ve also added unusual short row shaping at the hips that allows the lace and garter stitch to create unusual curves while still keeping this sweater very wearable. That was my primary goal with this book, I wanted knits that were fun but not too difficult to knit that you’ll want to wear all the time :-)

9 thoughts on “Peek number 3 – Gabbro

  1. I love this sweater! Perfect match of pattern and yarn. I am looking forward to getting the pattern.

  2. When my husband bought me my first book of yours, I was amazed that I liked every single pattern in the book. That had never happened in any other book I owned. This collection is a different style, but so far I’m having the same experience. I love your work!

  3. This pattern is perfect for weekend wear. I have already started thinking about that yarn I would knit it up in. I am looking forward to knitting this one.

  4. How elegant! Have not seen one of your designs that I did not like. Ready to place my order for your new book.

  5. I love the lace panel on the side – an unexpected design element that makes it extra special!

  6. Beautiful pattern – but you are so slim and I would hesitate to have the emphasis on my less-than-slender flanks and hippier figure!! This is yet another sweater, like so many, that isn’t really going to work for very many women (like the many shorter sweaters, too!) – beautiful, but for the boyish, narrow-hipped and sylphlike among us… Sad :(

  7. What styles do you like best on yourself? Do you think there are ways that the pattern can be modified (different amount of ease/changing the length as it’s top down?) that would help it work for you? While no design or style will suit everyone the best I can do as a designer is provide suggestions and possible modifications for different figure types so it will be flattering on as many as possible.

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