Autumn Whispers

Last year I became aware of a new method of shoulder construction, the Contiguous Method, and I was fascinated. I keep looking it over but didn’t have enough time to really jump in and explore properly.

A few months ago I spent some time figuring out how this worked. I really like the nicely shaped shoulder it creates but I wanted to be sure that I could easily control the numbers so that my neck, back and sleeve would all be sized correctly as well. the end result is my latest design, Autumn Whispers. This is currently on pre-order (so you get an info page with the pattern arriving at the end of the week when the discount is over).

As always I tent to tinker a little with constructions so I’ve made a few little modifications from a standard contiguous construction. To begin with I wanted the back of my neck raised for the design so I didn’t add increases at the back of the neck. Next change comes with the top of the shoulder, usually there are only a couple of stitches left for the sleeve but I wanted the sleeves to more directly mirror a set-in sleeve construction. For this reason I left a few more stitches at the top of the sleeve and then when I was working the sleeve increases I spaced them as you would have with a set-in sleeve. This means that they start very close together, space further apart and then finally at the underarm the become more frequent again as you curve into the underarm area.

Once the yoke of the sweater is complete the rest of the garment is finished in a standard method for top down.

This garment is an easy one to modify. I had just 2 skeins of yarn so I kept my sample very fitted, the sleeves are short and the front panels are not designed to meet. If you wanted to modify a little you’ll find instructions in the pattern for 3/4 length sleeves. Also, if you wanted a cardigan to button all you’d need to do is knit the front panels wide enough to cross and add buttonholes. Do be aware that this will create a deeper collar that will fold at the back of the neck.

Check out my brief video describing the basic set-up for Autumn Whispers.

I’ve had a few requests for a KAL, I’m also doing the Craftsy October mystery KAL so it’s going to be a little more informal. I’m always available to answer questions though!

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  1. Hi Carol. I really like the look of this sweater. I’m wondering if your Craftsy KAL will use the contiguous method too?

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