New patterns and KAL end/start

It feels like this  is going to end up more like a weekly round up than a blog post! It’s been a very busy week, there has been a lot of activity in knitting land :-)

To start things off let me introduce you to my newest self-published pattern – Nishibi.

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This was my first time knitting with Plucky Knitter yarn – I used Primo Sport and found it just beautiful to work with! It looks like they are low on this base at the moment but for a substitute yarn I’d suggest looking for a yarn that is primarily wool with a high twist and really good stitch definition. This really helps when you’re working with ribbing as they just jump out!
So how is the design constructed? This is a top down sweater with set-in sleeve caps worked also from the top down with short rows. The biasing is created using a series of increases and decreases worked along the central panels, in fact the biasing effect creates such a strong line it does all the neck and hem shaping for you! There’s also some waist shaping, again I love waist shaping with ribbing as I like to watch ribbing increase and decrease down a line. I just love those lines!

Among Stones KAL ending!

Did you know that the Among Stones KAL is almost over? If you’ve got a photo of a finished piece make sure to add it to the FO thread so you’ll be in for a chance to win!

Autumn Whispers KAL Starting….

As with most things in life when one thing ends another begins :-) So too with KAL, due to popular demand there will be a KAL for Autumn Whispers starting here tomorrow, October 1st.

I have a few more new patterns from magazines to share with you but I think they can wait for another day…

7 thoughts on “New patterns and KAL end/start

  1. You’ll find the bust sizes on the pattern page: Bust Circumference: 32.25 (34.5, 38, 41.5, 43.75, 47.25, 50.5, 52.75)” / 82 (87.5, 96.5, 105.5, 111, 120, 128.5, 134) cm

  2. Such a beautiful sweater! I’m doing the craftsy kal so this will be my november project i think! Thank you so much for designing such gorgeous pieces…

  3. Hi Carol :-)
    This is 2015 and here I am making a comment on a 2013 post lol; I’ve been making my way through your wonderful blog from the beginning of it and am almost up to 2014.

    I just bought this Nishibi pattern – I think it is BEAUTIFUL! So thank you very much – it will be such a pleasure to work on this one. Has to wait a bit since I have Ravi (yarn freshly arrived), sitting here plus I’m waiting for the yarn for Mithral (another beauty!) for my first KAL ever. Can you tell I love your designs? : ) Anyway, maybe you will never see this reply since we are now in 2015, but can’t help it…got excited about this Nishibi pattern….cheers from BC, Canada!

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