My weekend

Image from Daphne Ruben

I’ve been traveling for the last few days and now I’m attempting to get back to work and normal life. This time I was visiting the Netherlands and I was teaching at Breidag en Haakdag in Groningen. When I visit my sister we rarely stray futher than Amsterdam so it was a novelty for me to move further afield! This was a really well organised event, everyone was excited to have it so far north as it’s usually located in a more central location. I got to meet old and new friends and met the infamous ‘Belgian Boys‘!
As an added bonus Vincent was around to meet and greet….

I was teaching a couple of different classes over the few days I was there and doing a few lectures. Even though we had a translator present I was very impressed with the level of English almost everyone had. Obviously for more involved concepts translation was useful!

Image from Elly van Vilet

So thank you everyone in Groningen, maybe next time I’ll be able to tour the town without multiple bags in tow!

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  1. Carol, thank you so much for being at the Brei en haakdagen in Groningen. You are such an inspiring person,teacher, knitter. Thank you thank you thank you.

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