Grenander Cowl

Last summer Sundara asked if I’d like to design a pattern using an exclusive color she was producing for October (Truth). I jumped at the chance, it’s been a few years since I’ve used her yarns and they are such a pleasure to knit with.

I produced a cowl, Grenadner, that uses just under 2 skeins of Aran Silky Merino and is designed to be worn many different ways.

Doubled up around the neck –

Long and open –

Pinned around your shoulders –

This large cowl is fast to knit, it’s worked from side to side using a stepped pattern with some garter stitch short row shaping. This is what allows it to be so versatile, it can drape around your shoulders.

So get a jump start on your holiday knitting :-)

As an added bonus I’ve got a special offer running right now as well, until November 15th when you by two or more accessory patterns you automatically get 30% off the patterns! No limit to the pattern number you buy and no code needed. Discount applies automatically.

So what patterns apply? My accessory patterns are as follows: