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Anyone who’s seen my patterns and blog probably knows that I like knitting for kids. I think that knitting for children is very liberating, the sizing is less exact, you can go wild with color combinations and you can try out construction techniques on a small scale.
Often I will try out a pattern idea with a smaller child project first and then the adult pattern later. Sometimes it happens the other way around, I begin with an adult pattern but then realize that it would make a really cute child knit!

A few examples of my adult/child crossover are: Thirsty Rose, Ignus Junior, Taupini, Iceling Cardigan and Eilonwy Junior.

So what’s the best way to have fun and learn with your children knitting?

If you want to learn a new construction technique see if you can find a child pattern that uses it. This allows you to test it out on a small scale to see if it’s something you want to do on a adult garment.

Next step, get your child involved! Whether you’re knitting for your own child or as a gift ask them what they want. Bring them to a yarn store and see what fibers they like to feel. What colors do they love? Children often get fixated on particular colors so knitting them a garment in their favorite color will make them insanely happy! (Note on this – you may need to do a little gentle steering in the right direction at this point!)

Figuring out sizes for children can be a little tricky. The fit of children’s garments is different than with adults. As a general rule boys need a lot more positive ease and girls a little less. I wouldn’t advise any negative ease for children though.
Measure them carefully, what is their chest size, sleeve length, neck size and torso length? If you have access to a well fitted item they own measure it up and use it for comparison with the sizes in the pattern.
For most children they don’t grow outwards very quickly which means when children outgrow clothes it tends to be in the length of the body and sleeves. For this reason you might add a little extra length if it looks like it just barely fits.

So pick a pattern and get started with some knits for kids!
Below you’ll see a link to my Craftsy store with a few pattern suggestions. These new little craftlets I can make on the website are a very handy way to show you a few patterns at one time.

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  1. There’s a Taupini? How did I miss this, it’s absolutely adoreable and so is the baby. Where do I find her so I can pinch those cheeks? :)

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