Shiny new website!

Come take a look around my shiny new website, it’s been totally updated this week thanks to my oldest son, Caelen. He has been working with me this week for work experience and began by learning the inner workings of wordpress. I’ve been seriously impressed with how hard he’s working, now if I could just figure out how to hang on to him :-)

So what’s new? We updated the theme of the website to begin with which involves a lot of tweaking in order to get it to work correctly. The benefit of this new theme is that it’s now mobile enabled so you can actually read the website without the text folding over on itself. The biggest visual change though is the front page. I’ve now got a one stop shop for you to see all the latest things happening; new patterns, blog posts and tweets. A little less visible is the addition of a ‘contact us’ form. I’m not sure how we managed to omit this before but it’s up now so you have a direct way of contacting me.

To celebrate all this newness, I’m giving you all a 25% discount code to use until Saturday 8th of February. When you checkout on the checkout, click ‘use coupon code’ and add the code ‘NEWWEBSITE’ for your discount. It applies to all my self-published pdfs.

So now that the website is up and running again, I’ve got Caelen working on learning Illustrator maybe I’ll have a design apprentice before I know it!

4 thoughts on “Shiny new website!

  1. Caelen – the new site looks absolutely fantastic on both the laptop and phone – both functional and elegant – well done Code Monkey!

  2. Love the new site and I’m so excited about the sale. But I’m on my iPad in Safari, and I can’t seem to buy anything as I can’t find my cart! I am adding to cart, not buy it now. It seems to do something but no cart to be found. I will try again when I’m near a computer, or I may go back and try the buy now button.

  3. Thanks for catching this! Looks like we have got a slight coding issue that needs to be looked at for mobile sites. Did it work okay for you on the full-size? If you running into problems you can also buy direct from the ravelry shop. I’m going to extend the offer until Sunday just to make sure everyone will get a chance to use the code.

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