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A few weeks ago Tanis Gray (who I met in DC last month) asked me if I’d be interested in review a new book she was involved with, ‘From Mama, With Love’. This e-book is a collaboration between 5 amazing designers; Tanis Gray, Connie Chang Chinchio, Kate Gagnon Osborn, Margaux Hufnagel and Melissa LaBarre.

from mama, with love
All 5 of these designers have young children that they never find time to knit for. I can very much sympathize with this! When you design for a living all of you knitting time gets sucked into sample knitting so family knitting is a luxury that’s hard to find time for. The inventive solution these designers found was to design for their little ones. This makes the book extra special, the knits were designed specifically with their own children in mind, and they’re also modeled by their own children. Every designer has even added their own little parenting tip to the book.
There are a big variety of knits in this book; 2 blankets, 3 hats, a boppy cover and 9 garments.
If you’ve got young children it’s a great time to knit for them; they’re still young enough to wear what you give them (most of the time) and they are nice and small so you can knit them really quickly.

Sidscrappy hat
Sid Scrappy Hat

With small ones the most important thing to bear in mind is comfort. They hate tags, rough edges or scratches so make sure you pick a yarn that is comfortable next to the skin. Ideally it should be hard-wearing and easy to wash. As with adult garments make sure you take care with the size. The patterns in this book give finished measurements as well as suggested ages. Children come in a wide variety of sizes so check the measurements of favorite garments you already own and compare them to the schematics.
Most of the garments in this book have a size range from 6 months up to 4 or 5 years (although there is one that goes up to 10 years) so it’s a great book for the younger age set. The garments all have nice big neck openings so it’s easy to take them on and off. Wide button plackets (such as in Lulu vest, Ronan Pullover or Velvet Hoodie) and cardigans (Viviane Cardigan, Kyle Vest and Ferris Vest) make life very easy.
I think I must be obsessed with colorwork lately. While I love all the projects in this book the two that stood out for me were Isadora Lopapeysa and Ronan Pullover. Both have colorwork details that I just love, they are not specifically ‘child knits’ and both pattern would look great on an adult garment as well.


Isadora Lopapeysa is a traditional Lopi Icelandic sweater, knit from the bottom up in the round. The sleeves and body are joined at the yoke and a subtle stranded colorwork is then worked. It is a simple sweater that looks great on kids and the color choices are just beautiful.

Ronan Pullover

Ronan Pullover  from Tanis also used colorwork but it’s a much more graphic bright design. This sweater is knit from the top down, the yoke is initially knit flat until the placket is finished and from that point it’s joined in the round. Again I just love the color choices; they’re bright but not overwhelming. Plus I just love orange in boy’s garments.

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Would you like to win your own copy of this book? Let me know your favourite pattern from the booklet and your rav name in the comments below and you’ll be entered in the raffle!

Raffle prize will be drawn on Sunday 20th April so get your name down by then!

22 thoughts on “From Mama, With Love – review and giveaway

  1. I think it’s a tie for me between the Isadora and the Viviane. Such beautiful sweaters for little ones and nothing like what you would find in a store – two of the best reasons for knitting in my opinion. Thanks for the review and the opportunity to win!

  2. Isadora Lopapeysa is my favorite. Lots of other cute patterns, too! Ravelry name WatKar

  3. Isadora Lopapeysa is my absolute favorite as well! I’m cseburaska on rav.

  4. Thanks for sharing this book – the entire book idea & blog post speaks to my current state of mind!
    I love the Debonair hat textured stitch… but I think my favourite would have to be the Isadora Lopapeysa; I also love stranded colourwork & have a soft spot for round yoke garments. Surprisingly, I’ve yet to get around to doing one for the year old kiddo!
    aka ‘deimne’ online.

  5. I think I’d go for the Isadora–would be great on all my grandkids!
    Rav name trl710
    Thanks for your offer

  6. My favourite is Viviane, a narrow victory from the lovely textured hat that is Debonair.

    No clever name on line, dairiona

  7. I love the Sid Scrappy Hat!! My daughter is 3 so at least I could still knit that one for her!

    Rav name: polkadotknits

  8. My favorite is the Kyle Vest, it looks very simple and quick and it’s adorable on that little girl.

    mamamustknit on Ravelry

  9. I would love an opportunity to win this book. I love the scrappy hat, it looks like a hug from momma.

  10. It’s a lovely collection! I would have to make the Petunia blanket, since that is my daughter’s nickname! Thanks for the chance to win!


  11. My favorite pattern is a toss up between Velvet Hoodie and Kyle Vest — I think they would both looked great on my grand-daughter. Thanks for the give-away opportunity, Carol! Good luck everyone:)
    on Ravelry: twin-heather

  12. Sid Scrappy Hat! Sounds as mischievous as the little guy I would knit it for!

  13. Isadora Lopapeysa! My 2nd fav is the Sid Scrappy Hat, which will be a “must knit” for me as well!

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