Knitwear Spring 2014

At the end of last summer I began working on a couple of designs for the Spring/Summer issue of Knitwear. This is one of my favorite knitwear titles, they focus on clean lines, interesting constitutions and very wearable contemporary garments. It’s an offshoot of Interweave and has only be around since 2011.
The first design I completed for this issue is the Short Row Vest.

Short Rowo Vest
(c) Interweave

As you can probably see from this vest, I’m still loving short rows. The only limitation to what short rows can do is your imagination :-) This vest starts simply with the back and left front worked in one piece from the bottom up. After that the front left panel is worked from the left side in a series of short row wedges – striping the two colors as you go to create a dramatic effect.

The next design for this issue is the Ruched Yoke Sweater.

Ruched Yoke Sweater
(c) Interweave

This sweater is so nice to wear. The a-line shaping gives it a really nice swing and the deep yoke creates sleeve caps without any additional work. The basic design is fairly simple, but the front pocket detail, ruched yoke circles and standing neck make a great statement piece.

2 thoughts on “Knitwear Spring 2014

  1. Beautiful designs, Carol. Will they be available on Ravelry soon? Thanks. Deirdre

  2. They won’t be available on ravelry, but Interweave usually has them for sale individually on their website within 6 months or so.

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