Yarn choices

This morning I’m feeling paralyzed by choice. This is a selection of the yarn from this year that I’ve yet to use. Some came from yarn companies, some are leftovers from the book and others are yarns I’ve purchased. Now that my book projects are finished I’m at the planning stage again and I’ve got a problem – I want to knit it all NOW and it’s causing a mental traffic jam. I hoped pulling it all out would make the decision easier but not so much…

2014 yarn

5 thoughts on “Yarn choices

  1. Solution: send some of it to me :D
    I started to knit again earlier this year, and to see, if I really like it, bought only really cheap yarn. Seems like I’m a new knitting addict and could do with some reeeeeeeeeally nice yarn ;D

  2. They are all lovely, but those blues in the front are really nice and i don’t know that I have seen anything in blue lately from you. So maybe that would be a nice change (also still summery feeling)! Have fun!! P.S. the purples are the runner up.

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