Gradient cardigan process 3

I’m moving right along with this cardigan, the gradient yarn is spurring me on to knit quickly so I can see it progressing.

I’m happy with how the garter stitch short row ‘turn’ worked from the back to the front.

IMG_3487I never thought that’s I get so much use from my maths; to calculate the number of short rows to turn the corner you just need to find out 1/4 of the circle circumference. You’ve got the radius with the number of stitches so it all fits neatly together :-)

Now that the corner is turned I’m working straight up for the front. Originally I was thinking about going back to st st and the zigzag stitch worked up the front but I’m really liking the striped gradient in garter stitch. What do you all think of a garter stitch front into a wide folded collar??


7 thoughts on “Gradient cardigan process 3

  1. Love the garter! Will this be one of your projects for your new short row book coming out in the fall? Hope so (have it pre-ordered!)


  2. This is a pattern I’m putting together for Dragonfly Fibers. It’ll be released in May (so earlier than the book) and they should have in kits at the Maryland Sheep & Wool festival.

  3. Carol, I’m drooling at your design progress. I have been curious of trying their gradients and your designed matched to their yarn is definitely a reason to start saving in the yarn piggy bank! As solitary as the design progress can be, I appreciate all the thought and glorious details you put into your work.
    Any ideas if they will take preorders and price range?
    I love the idea of the wide folded collar too! Looks as an extremely fun knit!

  4. I’m going to NEED this pattern,when it’s done. I’ll keep watching. Can’t wait!

  5. Hello Carol

    So this pattern will not be going on your site, it will be on dragonfly site? I would so want this to be one of your KAL.

    Thanks TerryLee

  6. I am designing and knitting a cardigan that looks almost identical to your Gradient Cardigan! I saw your sketch and compared it to what I had already knit and was pleasantly surprised to see how close a match they were. However, Carol, you are doing a far better job with your design than I am. I really appreciate your designs and reading about the process is really interesting. :-)

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