Help me pick!

Somehow my 200th pattern just sneaked up on me – I guess that’s what happens when life gets busy!
I’ve got 2 patterns finished and ready for layout but I just can’t decide which to do first.

If you can help me decide which comes first I’ll publish on Christmas Eve and give the first 200 copies away for free (with code).

I’ve put the vote up on ravelry here, go tell me which you want to see as my 200th pattern.

They’re both children’s pattern, one is a pink Anzula girl’s tunic and the second is a red Dragonfly boys sweater. Actually the sweater would perfect as a unisex one as well. The sweater photos need to be redone, I attempted to do them myself as hubbie the photographer is away. But the lack of light and difficulty photographing red didn’t make for the best photo shoot!

First up Pink Anzula:




Here’s the next one, Dragonfly Fibers Sweater:



2 thoughts on “Help me pick!

  1. …and here we thought you were taking a well deserved rest…lol
    These are both DARLING – I left my vote on Ravelry, but goodness, your photography is wonderful! and how fast your boy is growing! He looks like such a sweetie! That second photo especially is very special! Have a lovely Christmas, Carol!! hugs, Patricia

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