Naming my new pattern

As I explore gradients further I find myself experimenting with patterns. I’m nearly ready to release the latest gradient pattern….BUT I don’t have a name :-) If you’ve got a name suggestion leave it in the comments and if I pick it you’ll get a free copy of the pattern….even if I land on another name I’ll do a raffle for all the comments.

This pattern uses a gradient yarn that gradates in a series of stripes. The short sleeved version uses Spincycle Dyed in the Wool and the long sleeved version uses Kauni Effectyarn.
Using yarn that runs through a series of colours brings it’s own set of issues and potential pitfalls. When I release the pattern I’ll talk a bit more about the constuction used and how you can juggle your yarn so that you get as much colour continuation as possible. Maybe some of my testers might like to tell you a little bit about their experiences knitting it…
But for now I need a name!

43 thoughts on “Naming my new pattern

  1. Cassiopeia cardigan – the zigzag pattern reminds me of that constellation :)

  2. “The long and short of it” jumped out at me, at first because of long & short sleeves but also it lends itself to the long and short of the color changes.

  3. Moonlight
    It reminds me of a dark evening in the country with the moon popping out between the clouds.

  4. Love the pattern! Reminds me of spring fields and medieval plow marks in ancient English fields – so maybe something like “Inroads” or “Furrow”?

  5. Hi Carol! I just had to post my idea because as soon as I looked at your new design, my brain blurted “It looks like the lines waves leave in the sand after the tide goes out!” I had to do a bit of research to find the exact scientific term for that particular phenomenon, but those curvy curls of foam, sand, shells, and seaweed are called DRIFT LINES. =)

  6. Tonnta (Irish for waves)
    For both the panels that swing and sway as well as the colours that wax and wane.
    It also reminds me if the song :)
    Other options: Shannon, Analogue, Come & Go.

  7. Inroad – a16th Century word for Advance.
    btw – I love the Spincycle! Those gals are so talented, and as fashion forward (advanced ;) with their indie dye gradient colors as you are with knitwear design. Great pairing!

  8. I don’t have a good name suggestion (I can’t beat ‘furrow’), but Jane, Cardie McBoatface just made me laugh out loud and I needed that, so thank you.

  9. I love this! Especially the long-sleeved Kauni yarn version. My suggestion is Stranger on the Shore for its evocation of waves and the sea that others have referred to.

  10. The step like roofs on houses are called Corbie Steps (a corbie is a crow) so how about Corbie Dreams?

  11. How about “parallel lines.” There is a certain symmetry to the pattern, but the lines never meet.

  12. Winding Country Road.

    The pattern remind me of all the up and down, curve and turn of a country road.

  13. “Railways” – the pattern reminds me of railwaytracks. I like railways since I do most of my knitting while traveling by train ;-)
    “Meander” or “meandering stitches” are also great ideas.

  14. Shadow sweater seems like a nice name to me. Beautiful pattern!

  15. How about:

    Aisling (dream in Irish)
    Tara Road (swirls from Celtic past)
    Perfect Sway
    Free sway
    Meandering Road

  16. Having read what you say about exploring gradients and experimenting with patterns, I’ve no idea why (because it isn’t even a word!) but what first came into my thinking was: SHADEATION, which is a sort of contraction of shade (as in light and shade) and gradation.

    Whatever it comes to be called, I’m a novice knitter who has only just discovered you and your site, and I’m really looking forward to doing my own experimentation with your patterns as part of my learning curve. Thank you for your creativity! :)

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