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For everyone with children we’re in the back to school mode here. I had children starting school last week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and on Saturday my oldest went up to college in Dublin. Add to that an envelope packing marathon to get all the Knitting With Rainbows pre-sale orders out last week and it seems strangely calm this morning.

The 2 dogs are snoring on the sofa near me, birds are tweeting outside and there is no one in the house but me. It feels very strange after a summer filled with people. Normally in August I’m counting down the days until I get peace again. But this year feels different. Instead of quiet the house actually feels empty. Perhaps this is because the boys aren’t very young any more so instead of constant demands for my attention they go about their own business a lot of the time. I’m also increasingly aware of how fast time goes – within 8 years my youngest will be finished school so I have to be careful not to wish that time away.

So now that my house is quiet again – what will I get up to?
You may have noticed that Knitting With Rainbows is now available digitally as well as in print (which comes with a download code).


I’m so happy that this book has been well received. It was a very different book from my usual self-published ones. Instead of just patterns this book has a lot of information on gradient yarn, stitch patterns and suggestions for how to use gradient yarns to full advantage. The print book turned out amazing, the colours are bright and vivid and it’s a pleasure to flick though!

If you want to see any of the samples in person, get a book signed or chat about yarn options come along from 3 to 5 this Saturday 10th September at This Is Knit.

Over the next few weeks I’ve got a few more big projects that I’m working on that I can’t reveal yet. Keep checking back though as I’ll let you know about them as soon as I can :-)

4 thoughts on “Back to school

  1. Just wanted to say my books got here earlier than I expected and I love them all. I think Half Moon Street is calling my name, but will have to see if the stash agrees as I have put myself on a yarn buying diet until end of November.

  2. I received my book today and am really drawn to the cover project Shanakiel–can’t pronounce it though! But I am having trouble swatching the ‘star stitch’–k3, sl first slipped st over the following 2. Is this supposed to read–sl3, sl first etc.? Thanks for you help in advance!

  3. It is indeed knit as written – you knit the three stitches then take the first of the three that was knitted (I use the tip of my left needle for it) lift it over the next two stitches to form the star.

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