Happy Holidays everyone

Well it looks like we’re almost at the end of another wonderful year. I’m getting ready for a relaxing few weeks where I can indulge in the things that I love and plan for the coming year. This year we’ve got a quieter Christmas than usual, my parents and sister’s family are in Amsterdam so it’s just our 6 for Christmas day. When you get used to several years of 13 plus for Christmas then 6 feels tiny! It will make for a very restful holiday I think though, which can’t be a bad thing.

Last Christmas I did a giveaway for Aeschne on Christmas day. This felt like such a Christmas sweater that it made the perfect gift.
This year I did the Gingerbread hunt which was a wonderful success. In fact on the final day every one of the codes was used within 5 minutes!! I felt though that I really wanted to give back to you wonderful knitters before the end of the year. At the start of this year, in January, we had a very rough month. Both cars broke down and we had a very sick little puppy who recovered badly when she was neutered. I did a big ‘fix my car’ sale and you guys bailed me out when I was really in need. I’m grateful for the kindness of the extended knitting community in times of need so it seemed like a good time to give a little back.

For the next few weeks I’m planning on knitting, hopefully reading and playing lots of games with the family. We’ve got shelves and shelves of games in our house that never get enough use but at Christmas they come into their own. I hope that stepping back for a few weeks from normal operation mode will allow my brain to dig up a few exciting design ideas! I’ll be checking in online every few days but bigger queries will be dealt with after the holiday season. The coming year is going to be very busy; I’ll be bouncing from Birmingham to Edinburgh, on to Cologne and hitting Columbus by June. There will be fantastic sales, lots of teaching, and a great big surprise that I can share with you within a few months.

What are your Christmas plans? Do you have any holiday traditions in your family that you just love?