Welcome to Nua!


Well it’s almost here….Wednesday 1st of March I’m releasing my Nua yarn on the website and Nua Collection Volume 1.

This new yarn has been a while coming, the design process for a yarn is fairly long with lots of shipping back and forth of samples until the colours are exactly right! I’ll tell you a little more about the colour choices in the next few days but right now I want to introduce the new collection to you. It was very important to me to have patterns ready at the same time as the yarn. I don’t think a yarn can be fully appreciated until you see it knitted up. You can see what the colours look like properly and how the yarn behaves with different stitch types. In the collection I wanted to show a variety of project types so you can see how versatile the yarn is. I’m also working on a cabled cardigan and Nua is behaving very nicely with cables as well :-)

Ravi Nua
Ravi Nua in Rolling Bales

The first project I tried in the new yarn was Ravi. This is one of my favourite patterns and fortunately it uses the same weight yarn :-) When I reknit patterns I find it hard not to tweak them and this time was no different so the updated pattern has become Ravi Nua. I changed the short row type to German as this is fantastic for Garter Stitch. In addition I added a few inches of length. This had the knock on effect of making the cardigan hips need some increases which also meant the short row hem had to be adjusted a little. I love the finished end product and I love what a lovely soft halo Nua develops when it’s used with garter stitch!
After Ravi I wanted to try out the yarn on a smaller project so Finglas was the next pattern. I’ve developed quite a love of biased knitting, just by adding increases and decreases you completely change the direction of the knitting. This means that with these mitts working a biased panel on the front and back creates a sloped edge on the top and the bottom. My youngest son wants to keep these so badly, he even insisted on modelling them :-)

Next up is a cosy wrap, Dangle. This is an extra long wrap that can easily double up as an oversized scarf. The chevron garter stitch pattern really shows off the interplay of the different colours together. Drop stitch rows of Angry Money (red!) are peppered throughout the wrap to add pops of colour.


Finally we have Boherboy, a textured cowl that comes in 2 versions; a single colour version that has just knit/purl stitches and a 3 colour version that alternates colours with the knit and purl.



The soft, bouncy nature of the yarn makes it really perfect for stranded colourwork. I think my next collection is going to have a bit of colourwork going on!

What pattern and colour do you think you’ll try out first?




8 thoughts on “Welcome to Nua!

  1. I haven’t made Ravi yet and making a Eavi Nua would be the first thing I would do, I would love it in the beautiful gold colour, not sure of the name but I am sure it will be gorgeous anyway xx

  2. Congratulations Carol ??? Ion Nua Yarn and the first Nua Pattern Collection. I have your Ravi pattern and love the idea of using German short rows! The other variations sound and look great! I would start with that and probably cast on the bias mitts to work as a second, smaller project at the same time. Stunning colors in all four projects – I would do the wrap and cowl with 3 Colors and have one of the contrast colors be the same as the mitts.

  3. I’m another one who hasn’t made a Ravi, so Ravi Nua is first up. Next would be Finglas and probably more than 1 pair – maybe 3. We’ll see how things go when the sales go live and I can calculate the exchange. Canadian money seems to be worthless these days.

  4. Carol, I LOVE your new Ravi Nua. I am going to make my first one in Angry Monkey… after that it’s eeny-meeny-miny-moe. Love that you have made Ravi a little longer. It will be interesting to see if my added length worked out the same as yours.

    Congratulations on your NEW (DELICIOUS) NUA YARN. What you showed us of your new collection, looks to be yet another winner, too. You NEVER cease to amaze me!

    Having said that, I still think you need to SMILE more in your photos. Your whole face lights up when you smile. Ask your mother about that!

    CONGRATULATIONS, again. I am very patiently waiting.

    MJ, the SKEINdinavian

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