My trip to Cologne

This year I made the trip to Cologne for the H+H Cologne trade show. This is a huge handcraft and hobby show that is probably the largest in the world. There is a wide variety of stands; haberdashery, buttons, fabric, but the biggest number of stands were yarn. There were 4 different halls on multiple levels so it was really, really easy to lose your orientation!

The weekend for me was so much fun for me; both personally and from a business perspective. Trips to trade shows are a lovely way of making connections as well as getting a feel for what’s happening in the wider knitting world. Conversations can be slower and the atmosphere is less frantic than a retail show.

Here is a little photo review of the weekend I spent at the show. Much of the weekend was spent on the Chester Wool stand with my Nua yarn where I had a little display, although I did get a wander around the show also. You might notice the 3 versions of Ravi Junior that look just wonderful in different shades of Nua yarn!

I spent much of my free time over the weekend with Woolly Wormhead who makes a great travel companion! We were both pretty excited to arrive in Cologne for the first time.

We were amazed at the size of the cathedral……


At the show there was a crocheted teepee:

A knitted cheese counter:

And new to me yarn from Cowgirlblues:And of course it wouldn’t have been a weekend away without a glass of wine to finish things off!

Cologne I do hope I see you again next year.


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  1. Ah I have visited Cologne several times Love it ;-)
    LOVE the teepee and congrats again on Nua. The colours are amazing.

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