Camira KAL: Choices & Chats

The Camira KAL presale went live last weekend and so far is off to a great start! You can purchase it through my website here or from ravelry here. If you purchase from my website you can still add it to your ravelry library after checkout, just remember to click the link.

So the biggest discussion so far has been about the construction and sizing of the sweater. Due to the unusual construction this sweater is really a hybrid of a few different styles. You start by knitting the back panel, then pick up stitches on each side, knit straight to the body width and then join to work in the round for the sleeve. This means that before yo begin the body you really have a shrug. The basic construciton idea is closest to a drop shoulder but because the pattern continues without break down the sleeve it doesn’t look like one. It does mean that you don’t want to under size or you might run into problems with the sleeve sizing, especially for smaller sizes. Bigger sizes will have the sleeve joining a lot further down the arm so it’s less of an issue. I did have to redo the sleeve after a few inches as I ran into a very common problem; my gauge changed a LOT when I went from working flat to working in the round! So I went back and moved to a larger needle size. Do watch out for this problem though as you knit your own Camira.

To illustrate the construction I did a short video last weekend on Facebook talking through the shape.

Just after I recorded that video I also did an Instagram Live feed talking through some knitting problems and introducing Camira. The live feeds on Instagram and Facebook are just fantastic for interacting with you all that I’d like to do them more often. However I’m still busy playing with different ways of doing video . If you’ve got a preference for video platform let me know on the ravelry poll here.

Have you picked your Cake Worsted colour yet?

2 thoughts on “Camira KAL: Choices & Chats

  1. Love Camira pattern, and trying to pick a color of Targhee Worsted. I emailed BMF, but still undecided. Tina advised that colors with the word “Fledge” are washed with gray, but they almost seem brighter than the same color without that word – have you seen any of these to advise? I’m considering Lenore, Smoke on the Water, and Corvid. I’ve trolled Ravelry looking for projects in these colors, but they all look different depending on the lighting, camera, etc. I can only say that I don’t want “gray, pink, or red” because I’ve recently made these cardigans. Any suggestions are appreciated.

  2. I’ve seen Smoke on the Water which is a nice deep purple colour but the others I haven’t tried I’m afraid!

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