Nua Collection Volume 2

I’m almost ready to release the second Nua Collection (Nua Collection volume 2). As we are heading into colder weather now I wanted to create a collection that would see you through the winter months and shows off the versatility of the Nua yarn. As I designed I was asking myself how many different things I could do with the yarn (the answer is pretty much everything!) so I wanted to stretch it a bit in these patterns. In this collection you’ll find cables, stripes some colourwork and a few surprise! I’m really in love with every piece in this collection. There are going to be 5 designs in total and starting next Monday I’ll release a new one every few days until they are all released by the end of November.

On Monday the first pattern will be released and you’ll have the option of either buying the collection at a discount or each pattern individually. The collection will be available in either digital or print (with digital) format for the same price. The only part extra you pay for the print version is the cost of postage. The automatic discount for the collection will be valid until the final pattern is released. If you buy the collection you’ll get an updated pdf with every new release that will include the new pattern. In December the print version will be posted out if you have purchased that option.

As I go through the collection I’m going to blog about each pattern and tell you all the details and secrets. In the meantime here are a few little peaks at designs in the collection that hopefully won’t give away too much of the surprise.

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2 thoughts on “Nua Collection Volume 2

  1. Looking forward to the releases. From the teasers I’m already loving what looks like a sweater with some colorwaook and that hood! In our often windy New Mexico, perfect for my daily walks with Zeekster (our rescue dog).

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