2018 Year of Growth and Learning

Do you make plans for the New Year? I never intend doing it but somehow it seems to happen naturally. Perhaps its the winding down of a year, the prospect of a big break from the normal routine or even the need to create order and purpose in my life. Whatever the reason it seems to happen every year!


Last year was a year of growth, both in business and personal life. We’re only here in this life once so I want to make the most of it; do things that thrill, excite and sometimes scare me. I spend a lot of time saying that to the boys and I try as much as possible to follow the advice, don’t let fear stop you doing anything.

As my business grows bigger it’s very important to keep reevaluating the direction I’m travelling in. Is this where I have decided to go rather than where I slide here  with my eyes closed?

Evaluating the year that has passed forces you to ask these questions of yourself.

What did I enjoy doing this year?
What made me excited this year?
What do I want to do more of next year?
What helped my business grow last year?

Now the task I set myself over the holidays is finding that sweet spot where all of these questions are answered and will give my year direction. But you know what – the answer is never easy to do. If it’s the right direction it will give you that excited, queasy feeling where you’re equal parts excited and terrified!


So what are my plans? I want to do more of what I love; teaching knitters through KALs, more collaborations with other designers and makers and new technology challenges! Some of these plans are already underway and the others are at the excited/terrifying early stage.

Do you find yourself asking these questions as the year comes to an end? What challenge will you set yourself for the coming year?
Let me know your 2018 plans and what you’d love to learn!

One thought on “2018 Year of Growth and Learning

  1. I only just discovered you this year when the Camira sweater and KAL came out. Yours is the first KAL I actually finished and on time too! The sweater is warm and beautiful and draws compliments every time I wear it. The KAL was fun with supportive and helpful members. So I’m very happy that you plan to do more of them.

    I like the questions you ask yourself before planning for the new year. Good questions for all of us to think about at the end of the year and in thinking about the next year.

    A wonderful season to you and I hope that your plans go as you envision them in the New Year!

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