Christmas Surprises

I’ve got a love/hate relationship with Christmas. The actual holiday itself; when everyone is at home for several days, it is just magical. The world just stops for a few days, we eat, drink, play games, walk and spend time having conversations that we’re too busy for the rest of the year. The hart part is the month leading up to it; the increasing cold, dark days, the pressure to remember all the gifts and create a nice mix of fulfilled requests and surprises.

This year we really, really need a holiday. Our pace of life since the summer has been unrelenting. While it has been mostly enjoyable it will be nice to step off the merry-go-round for a few days! Somehow I managed to create a mountain of work between September and now; I’ve run 2 KALs (Camira and Mossy Way), run several workshops and a retreat in Kerry, launched Nua Collection Volume 2 and we’ve currently got the pre-sale of the Bubble Dash Mystery Shawl. Just in case that wasn’t enough I’ve got 2 more patterns coming before the end of December. The first is Cosy Puzzle which I’ve launched today and a new one next week.

I think Cosy Puzzle may be my winter wrap of choice; it can be worn with most colours AND it’s oversized so I can easily use it as an extra outer layer. Perfect for my chilly house!

I really want to thank you all for your support over the year – as a thank you I’ll have have a few little Christmas surprises over the next 2 weeks. I’ll send them all out via my newsletter (if you’re not signed up just join here!). For me as a designer my blog and newsletter are very important, they allow me to talk directly with you and I know that anyone who is interested will see it. Social media channels are becoming increasingly unreliable as they are constantly changing their algorithms on who sees what so this way if you want to read me you know you won’t miss it!
However if you ever do change your mind and no longer want to get a newsletter make sure you click on the bottom of the email to ‘unsubscribe’. If you click ‘add to junk/spam’ that will send a message back to my newsletter provider of an abuse report and if there are too many of those then I’d get in trouble! I try to run my business the way I like to be treated, I don’t want to be added to mailing lists without opting in so all newsletters from me are opt-in only.

6 thoughts on “Christmas Surprises

  1. I feel the exact same way as you do about Christmas! Plus I feel bad about not enjoying the build up as much as I ‘should’. Love your designs and blog though and definitely won’t be unsubscribing :)

  2. I have made so many of your patterns and love your designs. My very first sweater I knitted in 40 years was Vivido. I look forward to your blog postings and your new designs. I agree about the holidays! Hope you get a chance to relax and enjoy the time with your lovely family.

  3. I love the way you expressed two different gifts ‘fulfilled requests vs. surprises’. I am always torn between getting people something they ask for specifically vs. something I find that looks like them at an art fair or wandering through a shop. As a recipient I like to get unexpected gifts, but my parents are the opposite. In the past, I used to address this dilemma by getting everyone 2 gifts, one from each category. This year we are only allowed to buy one gift for everyone $10 or less. This is stressing me out. I can’t even buy a skein of yarn for $10. Maybe I will make 2 scarves from one skein of yarn? But I don’t think anyone specifically asked for a scarf. Oh well.

  4. Another lovely design! You certainly have produced a prodigious amount of work this year.

  5. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Carol!
    Your patterns, newsletter and blog bring me joy all year. If only I could knit faster.
    When I started back knitting after a 20 year break, during which time I quilted, there was so much that was new. It was your Craftsy class that re-inspired me and love of your patterns keeps me very excited to start the next project. I have 3 Genip hats alone! (Cold Ontario weather makes this hat perfect and I love the ear flaps.) Thank you for the great inspiration and patterns. I love your work.
    May you have a wonderful restful holiday!

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