Boann by Jennifer Shiels Toland


One of the best things about working with Nua yarn is seeing what independent designers create with the yarn. Boann by JST Knitwear Designs is an asymmetrical shawl knit from a garter tip and finishes with a two colour brioche edging. It’s packed with lots of fabulous garter striping and colour blocking so that you can play with a little bit of colour theory from tonal neutrals to clashing contrasts.

Boann is a perfect introduction to brioche knitting as the shawl slowly progresses from one colour brioche and then two colour brioche, finally finishing with two colour brioche. The pattern uses various brioche increases and decreases too but you can find links to all tutorials required within the pattern itself.


Boann, pronounced “Bowan”, was the Irish Celtic Goddess of Inspiration and Creativity. It is said that she created the River Boyne in Ireland and it’s meandering curves to the Irish Sea. You can see how this has inspired Jennifer’s design with the flowing brioche stitches before finishing in those beautiful brioche motifs.


I love shawls because of how versatile they are to wear. This shawl is knit in one size and has a finished wingspan top edge of 200cm / 79”  with a finished depth at the longest point of 50cm / 19.5”. So you can imagine just wrapping yourself up in this extra soft and squishy shawl against the sudden cold snaps.

I know you are itching to find out more so you can pop on over to Ravelry here for the pattern and you can find some wonderful Nua yarn colour combinations in our shawl kits for Boann here. If you are knitting this beautiful shawl, please remember to tag us on social media (#stolenstitches or #nuayarn) so that we can share in your project with you.

Did you happen to see Boann at Edinburgh Yarn Festival this year?

*Please note that all the photography used in this post was used with credit from JST Knitwear Designs and took place in the picturesque foothills of the Catskill Mountains in upstate New New York.