Nua Worsted Yarn Launch

So last Sunday I did a yarn launch for Nua Worsted at This Is Knit. It was a long day with a double launch but a whole lot of fun. This is me and Lisa between the launches and we’re still standing and having fun :-) Because Nua Worsted is still very new and we are just getting started with pattern support, I was trying to figure out the best way to introduce knitters to the yarn and give them a taste of what can be knit with it.

So we started by getting knitters to get it on their needles and get a feel for how it knitted up. Nothing substitutes for trying a yarn for yourself. Once you can see how it glides between your fingers and how comfortable it feels it’s much easier to know how you want to use it.

I spent a while talking about the yarn; how it’s made, how the different colours are achieved and where we got the various names (some are a bit silly!). Some of the colours really made a big impact on the knitters (Hatter’s Teal Party was a particular favourite!!) I always enjoy watching people put different colour combinations together when they have the yarn in their hand.

Before I went to Dublin I spent some time going through my samples to see what patterns would work nicely for the Nua Worsted. I found that most of the patterns knit in Dovestone DK work well as that is a heavy DK yarn. The samples I really think would work well in Nua Worsted are; Landscape Waves, Ribosome, Caelius, and Quirinalis.

I think we had a lot of knitters having fun!

I also brought along my brand new pattern, Liscannor Cowl in the Cerebellum colour.

I snuck in a Nua garment as well so knitters could check out the sizing of Spraoi before the KAL starts next week.

Finally I brought along a project I’m currently working on in Nua Worsted to give knitters a little look. It’ll be a few months before it’s released but it’s coming along nicely!


If you want to try out Nua Worsted for yourself you can find it here on my website or check out the stockist list for a LYS.

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  1. It was a great launch at This is Knit. The Nua worsted is a lovely yarn with plenty of squish! I nabbed myself Cerebellum to knit Landscape Waves.

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