Woollinn Preview – Sheep Tasters

okay, you got me I really just wanted to use the title ‘Sheep Tasters’ on this blog post. Here at Stolen Stitches HQ we have been working very hard on bringing new items to our range but in a way that is sustainable, aids local producers as much as possible and most importantly benefits our customers.

So we are really excited about these new yarn tasters. We have two designs, a spiral and our sheep here, crafted in oiled beechwood. These will be used to showcase the Nua colour ranges like a shade card but better. Better, how?

Each design will hold 1 meter of each of the Nua shades. The Spiral will hold all of the colours of Nua and the Sheep will hold Nua worsted. That way you can try Nua and it’s colour palette properly before you purchase for your project. You can get a feel for how Nua works, how the colours play off each other and how it would combine with existing yarn in your stash. That way when you purchase Nua you can purchase with confidence knowing that you have the best yarn for your chose project. Plus you have a cute wooden decoration to keep afterwards!

These yarn tasters will be available online and there will be a limited number available until after Woollinn 2019.