Woollinn Preview – Badly Made Books & Bamboo Cups

Today’s post is all about special items I have coming up for you at Woollinn. The first is something that you have been asking about and finally …here it is…… the Stolen Stitches cup:


We all go through so much coffee and water at events that I wanted a more sustainable approach that worked for us on the stand, as well as for all of you! I think these bamboo cups are just the ticket; bamboo is fast growing and sustainable making it an environmentally friendly material option. They are reusable, lightweight and have the Stolen Stitches logo carefully crafted on a silicone sleeve to protect your hands from the cup’s contents.  These cups are only available at festivals and they will not be added to the Stolen Stitches online shop so grab yours while you can!



You all know just how much I love my Badly Made Books notebooks. I mean, what’s not to love,  they come in 3-page types; blank, lined and knitting graph paper. This graph paper is really useful, it’s got the same proportions as a knit stitch (wider than it is tall) which means that you can sketch up colourwork charts and other patterns and get a much more accurate idea of what it will look like in your knitting. They are made with 130gsm partially recycling cartridge paper, bound with recycled paper tape. Because of how they are constructed every page opens fully and stays open. This is really useful if you are trying to knit at the same time.

So I’m really excited to launch a new notebook especially for Woollinn 2019. This cabled notebook has a unique cable design of mine along with all of the above amazing features. I will have these at stand 29 with a limited number available online here (option D for the new notebook).


One thought on “Woollinn Preview – Badly Made Books & Bamboo Cups

  1. I too have a bamboo keep cup. From previous experience I know that bamboo cups can crack if dropped, so it’s wrapped in a bubble-wrap bag I happened to have to help prevent this.
    The cup also comes in useful for carrying soft fruit, usually three satsumas/tangerines/mandarins/easy peelers, which can be stored in the bubble-wrap bag when the cup is actually needed for drinks.
    And, as you point out, it can easily ‘live’ in a larger bag so that it’s always ready. Just remember to wash it occasionally, and equally remember to put it back in your bag!

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