Sinful Summer Sale

After a very hectic year I am really enjoying this summer to regroup. While there is just as much work to be done being able to sleep in for 30 minutes more (no school run!!), having daylight until 10 at night and not being cold makes me feel like a new person. I frequently fantasize about having a winter house somewhere sunny to avoid Irish winters but as that isn’t going to happen any time soon I’m just going to enjoy every minute of the summer! Somehow watching the world around me spring into life every summer gives me a huge rush of creativity where I want to knit all the things.

If you you feel the same rush of creativity when the days get brighter and the weather gets warmer then you will enjoy our summer sale! Here at Stolen Stitches, we have decided to give back to all our customers so that this summer you can knit that project you have always wanted.

Dreaming of a relaxing summer knit by the beach or pool or just finding 5 moments in your garden to enjoy the feel of some delicious yarn on your fingers? We got you.

Nua Yarn

Nua Worsted harvest moon

Until July 31st you can get a free skein of Nua and Nua Worsted yarn with every 4 skeins purchased! That’s right we are giving you yarn. Goodbye yarn chicken, hello relaxed knitting.  We know that garments can eat up those skeins and having an extra skein or two to pull from if you decide to make some last minute changes to your project can really make a difference.


Had you’re eye on a recent Stolen Stitches KAL  but the timing hasn’t worked for you? Then why not pick up a pattern kit? Each kit comes with a project bag and enough yarn to make the project. You need to also purchase the pattern separately but each pattern has a full set of tutorials to go along with it on so that you have the backup to knit with confidence. We love these so much that we are offering a discount on selected kits so that you can try one for yourself.

Notebooks & Notions

badly made notebook

We love our Badly Made Books notebooks. They are the perfect journal to go alongside your knitting. They always fly off the shelves when new batches come in and at the festival time they are gone in a blink. We have just a few notebooks here that we were holding but it’s time for them to meet their new owners and have colourful charts and craft notes in their pages.

As well as this you’ll find bags, pins, and even some needles on sale!

You can find all the sale discounts on the sales page here.