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Rusty Lines – The Home Stretch!

So this fun KAL is drawing to an end. There are some beautiful finished sweaters starting to appear; just check out the finished project page on Ravelry here.

Here’s a quick video overview of the last 2 clues:

For clue 2 knitters were working on the body. Working on this sweater really gave me a much better understanding of how biased knitting works. What I liked most about it was that I got to mess about with geometry on my needles, watching how increases and decreases all play together to create brand new shapes!

rusty lines body finished

This diagram above shows how you are working on a diagonal line when you are creating a biased knit. This means that when you finish the initial knit to the length you want you will have  ‘triangle’ missing! The final stage of the body is to ‘fill in’ that triangle using decreases.

filled in side triangle

Here you can see the ‘filled in’ side triangle. The arrows show each row of decreases that create a nice tidy triangle to fill in the missing side of your sweater.

One issue that knitters ran into was the dividing row for the triangles. Up to this point we were starting the round at the side of the sweater but now to divide the two sides into triangles it has to move to the centre line. This means that the right front is worked twice in the same pattern row. I didn’t find that it caused any problems for me but if you are unhappy with it you can use another knitters solution, she broke the yarn, slipped those front right stitches and just restart the round at the centre of the front. I love when knitters create fun solutions!

That was clue 2 and then the very final clue is for the sleeves. These are picked up all around and worked from the top down. See that centeral seam stitch on the shoulder of the body? This was held until now and gets added to the sleeve! There are just a couple of short rows at the top of the shoulder for a bit more room and then it’s just straight down.

In this final clue I’ve also added some ideas for creating neckline variations, I’m really looking forward to seeing what variations are going to be worked for the finished sweaters :-)


If you missed this KAL, never fear, you can still purchase the pattern on Ravelry or my website. The pattern is in a single pdf broken into clues still but I will upload the standard pdf pattern version in the next few weeks with the tips complied into a single section.

All KAL discussions (eventually in an archived version) and videos from the KAL will be available to you with the pattern.

You can find the yarn kit for Rusty Lines here.

Thank you all who have joined in – what was the most interesting thing you learned on this KAL?

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  1. Had a very difficult time finding the clues as I never received any information on them. I paid for the KAL pattern and yard. But never received my clues as it stated that I would — please advise as I’ve never had such a difficult time. Ive done Knit Purl Hunter KAL’s and Marinade KAL’s (4 of them) but never have I had such problems trying to get a pattern!!!!

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