Winter Blues

winter moonlight


If you’ve been following my blog for a few years you’ll know that I’m not really fond of this time of year. The shortening days and cold weather make me miserable both physically and mentally. The cold makes me really, really tired; warming up means that I’m flushed most of the time rather than warm. The short days and grey skies make me feel like a mental weight is being dropped on me.

The photo above was a watery photo of the moon that I took on my evening walk with Lizzie up the hill. It’s usually 6 in the evening when I get home and now all my dog walking is in the dark. I suspect if I didn’t have a crazy dog that is ready to explode I probably wouldn’t move outside the door.

I’ve tried several methods of countering the effects over the years to varying degrees of success. Last year I got a daylight lamp but I find the artificial light from it really unpleasant and I can’t say I’ve noticed a difference! Most of the time I just grin and bear it. However there are a few things that almost always make me feel better this time of year.

cat and dog pile up on sofa

One sure way to feel better at this time of year is this pile of sweeties. I light the wood stove and sit on the sofa. Within a few minutes I’ll have all 3 of them fighting to be on top of me, they just love the warmth in cold weather! Remembering the positives and that cosy snuggle effect is one of the best things about this time of year.

cat on ipad

The other thing that helps me out in winter is planning. Figuring out what my next project, class or workshop is going to be gives me renewed mental energy that helps me feel more alive in the winter. You can see that Jasper is a very careful editor of my work and he’s contemplating the pattern edits he’s going to have to make…..

So I’m trying hard to get through November and December to the Christmas holidays. These holidays are probably the highlight of the year. In Ireland almost all businesses close for the 2 weeks and my sister and family come over for a week. It’s a full week of long indulgent meals, chatting and games. It’s so much fun I ‘think’ it’s almost going through the winter for it!

What gets you through the winter?