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Celtic Knits Club 2020: Launching December 3rd

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I’ve spend months scheming and planning a new Club that’s very special to me; Celtic Knits Club. It’s a little bit terrifying releasing it to you all after spending so much time dreaming about it in my own head! I hope you all love it as much as I do.

Most of what I do is very international but with this Club I wanted to bring it all back close to home. I’ve sourced yarn from Donegal as well as a planner and goodies all from Cork city (where I’m based). I love cables and I know there is a lot of people that they intimidate. I wanted this Club to be accessible to both experienced cable knitters as well as new ones. In addition to the yarn, goodies and patterns this Club will be tied together with video tutorials. This should help newer knitters with cables and I’ll include a few tips for more experienced knitters!

I talk through the club a little in this video:


So how does it all work?

At 8pm (Irish Time) on the 3rd of December the clubs will go live. You can either buy the club outright or go for an installment plan. The installments are taken in 3 payments, at the time of purchase and monthly for 2 months after.

celtic knits club planner

After you purchase I’ll ship the special club 6 month planner to you. This planner is undated so you can put in only the weeks that you are working on projects. The second half of the planner has knitting graph paper and open pages so you can plan and sketch for yourself.

celtic knits club planner


The first Club installment will be in March. You’ll receive a shipment of yarn and you will get an electronic pattern. In addition to this I’ll enroll you in a Celtic Cable classroom on Teachable so you can access all the videos and ask me questions.

There will be 2 more shipment; arriving every 2 months in May and July. The projects will get a little bigger with each shipment, allowing you to build your skills and confidence.  The final project will be either a garment or a blanket, depending on your preference. You can use all of the cable skills you’ve learned!

The Yarn

With the help of Donegal Yarns we’ve sourced a yarn that’s 60% Irish; its rustic but still comfortable to knit with and wear. It’s ideal for cables, especially if you are new to them as there is enough ‘stick’ to hold the stitches.

Several years ago there was a project called ‘Project Homegrown’ https://vimeo.com/67196603 , to try and improve the availability of Irish wool. In this project Donegal Yarns worked closely with the wool merchants on sourcing Irish wool. By working on a good selection from the various breeds with improved sorting and grading they have established a good wool that is comfortable to knit with and wear. The blend contains 60% Fine Irish that is blended with 40% New Zealand Lambswool.
For this club they are custom milling a special dk (double knitting) weight for us, this is a really nice yarn weight to work with and won’t be as heavy as more traditional aran knitting.

This yarn won’t be available outside of the club.

How To Sign Up

At  8pm (Irish Time) on the 3rd of December the clubs will go live. You can either buy the club outright or go for an installment plan. Links to purchase won’t be live until then.

Find out more here>>>>Information page

Purchase Full club here.

If you live in EU: Purchase Installment Plan here.

If you live Outside EU: Purchase Installment Plan here.

NOTE: If you purchase the wrong installment plan for your shipping location I’ll have to cancel the order so you can reorder correctly.

(This is my first time using the reoccurring payments software so please contact me if you run into any problems.)

***Club will only remain open until December 2oth so that yarn can be ordered in time.***

I really hope you come join us, it should be a whole lot of fun!

12 thoughts on “Celtic Knits Club 2020: Launching December 3rd

  1. I learned cables from you on Craftsy and never looked back–what an amazing gift to learn from you and all of your experience :) Best of luck with this club–it’ll be amazing, I’m sure!

  2. I would like to join but need to be sure that patterns that might be charted are also written out because I am blind.

  3. It says that the club comes in sizes 76 to 91.5 cm. Does that mean I will not be able to make the garment? My bust circumference is 100cm.

  4. I signed up yesterday and look forward to learning from you! I especially love that you are using Irish fleeces to create the yarn. My Great grandfather used to have a farm in County Tyrone and raised sheep. I recently forums out my Mom Mom used to help take care of them as well with her sheep dog. This was in the late 1800’s early 1900’s. When I went to visit the cottage a few years back I actually saw sheep in the field across from their home. I wasn’t a knitter then, but I will think of their flock when I knit with your club yarn. Who knows the fleece your are blending to make the yarn may be their descendents😉

  5. I signed up and didn’t notice the drop down size options. Any suggestions on how to add my size now? I think I was too excited 😊

  6. I am hoping there will be a repeat of the club since these dates did not work well for me.

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