neon skyline burren and hatters teal party

Neon Skyline Kits


So now that we’ve all recovered from Vogue live it’s time to share the show special with you all! This yarn colour – ‘Strike a Pose’ was designed by Jen (Townhouse Yarns) especially for the shawl. It’s a wonderfully bright yellow with subtle speckles, one of the speckle colours picks up the darker blue from Nua Sport ‘Late Night Blues’.

I do love giving you lots of choices so Jen also sent on a few more colour options of her Fade St 4ply. I had great fun here in the studio picking Nua colour matches. In fact for a few I felt that there were a couple of colours that would work with the Fade St so I’ve put both options up for you to choose from. So lots to pick from!

neon skyline burren and angry monkey


Option 2 uses Nua Angry Monkey combined with Fade St 4ply in Burren. When matching colours there is a big variety in the Burren colour to choose from and Angry Monkey picks up on the red and rust tones.

neon skyline burren and hatters teal party

This is option 3 and you can see how we are now picking up different colours from Burren to match. the Nua Sport colour is Hatter’s Teal party and this allows the blues and teals from Burren to shine through.

neon skyline cupcake and cafe flamingo

I love this combo of colours; the light delicate colours in Fade St Cupcake have got hints of pink running through it. This is picked up with the brighter pinks in Nua Cafe Flamingo for a nice harmonious contrast.

The final yarn Fade St 4ply is Spiced Plum. For these two options I’ve combined it with both a dark and light brown, the first is Capall and the second is Bare Necessities. Both options will work well and the one you prefer will really depend on your personal taste!

If you’d like to see me and Jen chat about the kits and shawl come join me on Instagram Live Thursday 5th of February at 1pm.

For the first week only (until 12th of February) every purchase of the yarn kit will come with a download of the Neon Skyline shawl pattern also. After that date the pattern will only be available as a separate purchase.

Kit can be purchased here.