view of empire state building ny

Vogue Live NY

view of empire state building ny

So I’ve been busy for the last few days traveling, for the first time ever I went to Vogue Knitting Live (VKL) in New York. I’ve been over and back to the US many times but I haven’t spent time in New York since I was a teenager. It felt a bit intimidating but I found it an easy place to navigate around, but I did find the CONSTANT beeping of car horns pretty odd. Why does everyone beep for no reason constantly? I could even hear it on the 19th floor of our hotel in the middle of the night…

tik, townhouse, woollinn

We met up briefly with the This Is Knit crew before heading off to explore the city. We made a stop at the Guggenheim museum where we spend the morning working our way through the galleries – I think Kandinsky was probably both Sue and my favourite!

gugenheim museum

gugenheim museum

gugenheim museum

At the show itself my Neon Skyline shawl was on display with kits on This Is Knit’s stand. Jacqui displays it beautifully here :-)

Jacqui with neon skyline


On Thursday night we headed to the Myak pre show party and I spotted Lisa from across the room thanks to the shawl!

myak party
Olga, Alison, Lisa and Jen

There was a wonderful tunic length version of Inglenook at the party – isn’t this just amazing??

tunic length inglenook

However the highlight of the whole show was the number of knitters that came up to me to say hello. I was blown away by amount of people I had met in Ireland on tours and retreats and all of them eager to make return journeys! Thank you all for making me feel so appreciated, it filled me with joy for the weekend.

I want to also put in a special mention for the knitting trio who had met for the first time at my retreat in Cork last year. They didn’t know each other before they came but became such good friends that VKL was their second meet up since then!

retreat knitters

I didn’t capture her in the same photo but Joanna was also with this group in Cork as well as here at VKL!

Jonna, Carol and Sue
Jonna, Carol and Sue

To round off our New York experience we finished off with a show!

Jagged Little Pill



Keep an eye out over the next week for Neon Skyline shawl kits. I’ll have a few different colour options available as the amazing colours Jen had dyed for the show were just magical :-)

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  1. Sounds fabulous. There might be some Kandinsky inspired designs coming in the future? Your Guggenheim interior photo could definitely be a shawl ;-)

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