Knitting Masterclass: Fit Your Knits

I’ve just launched a brand new video class. I’m missing all my classes this spring and summer so I thought I’d bring one of my favourites to you virtually! The first class I’m launching in the Masterclass Series is a Fit Your Knits class. When I teach this in person it’s a very intensive day with a lot of new information to absorb at one time. I think this makes it ideal for teaching online with information in bite sized chunks. It’s released one video at a time over 12 weeks, building on the information from the previous week. That way you can much more easily absorb what you’re learning as it’s in smaller more manageable pieces.

I’ve got a basic plan for each week but if there a topic you’d like a bit more information on you can add it in the class comments and where possible I’ll work it into the class material. It won’t always be possible but where it can be done I’ll add it!

The general plan for outline for this class is:

  • Learn how to measure yourself.
  • Learn how to measure your swatch (and why).
  • Learn about different construction types.
  • Learn about ease, and figuring out what will work with your personal style and wardrobe.
  • Once the basics are done now we will dig into patterns and see how they are put together.
  • From your size we will look at where modifications will help you the most.
  • The last part of the class will then look at different types of changes you can make to patterns; adjusting the shoulder and bust sizes, shaping of the neck, waist and sleeves and some simple short row shaping techniques.

I hope you’ll come along on the first of hopefully many new video classes!

Until May 15th you can use code KNITMASTER10 to get a 10% discount.

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4 thoughts on “Knitting Masterclass: Fit Your Knits

  1. Hello. If I’m in the United states, can I still sign up for the class ? Thank you !!!
    Lynne rossier

  2. Hi Carol,
    I am thinking about taking this class but I have a couple questions. First, am I understanding that the class will involve creating a design or do we need to find a pattern that we will follow and adjust according to the instructions in the class? And secondly, how do we know how much yarn that we will need if we don’t have a pattern?Thank you for your consideration.
    Mindy (Melinda) V

  3. The class isn’t about creating a design, you will learn to measure yourself and then we will go through different things that impact on the final sweater such as ease, fibre and texture. I will give a couple of patterns that we can use as samples in the class but everyone is welcome to use patterns they have a well to work with, it doesn’t have to be the class samples.

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