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Over on Instagram, we have been sharing the work of other designers who we admire. You will have spotted JimiKnits here, East London knit here, and Joanne’s here as previously featured designers. Today I’d like to introduce you to another designer, Arica Presinal. Arica’s designs, the Stone’s Edge shawl and Holli Bells sweater NEED to be cast on immediately! Her work really caught our eye and we wanted to share it with all of you.

ARICA PRESINAL is the human behind Skeinsnsticks Designs. Skeinsnsticks Designs is a ‘bistitchual’ (both knit and crochet) design house who is passionate about the fashion-forward elevation of crocheted/knit garments and accessories. Arica has been published in magazines both nationally and internationally. Arica loves to instruct others in the crafts, providing instruction to those just starting out and/or those looking to learn or refine techniques. Skeinsnsticks Designs is based in California where Arica lives with her husband, pup and 4yr old.

I don’t know about you but the question I always want to ask designers is what are your favourite designs/photos from your collection?  So we asked her to share some of her favourites and to tell us why:


Arica Presinal
“I love this headshot because it represents what I am truly passionate about – yarnwear – knit AND crochet. I love the garments behind me and me holding both hook and needle. “
Braided Lace Cardigan
“The Braided lace cardigan is one of the first real steps outside of my comfort zone – I had never seen anything taking broomstick lace and ‘braiding’ it together, such as shown and it just really was a great combination of techniques.”
“The Rosalba Top (pink lace top) is my first self-published design and still one of my most popular. This garment really provides me with confidence and gusto needed when I am in a designer rut and feeling so inadequate. When I look at this garment and its popularity, it reminds me that I CAN design something that many people 1. would love to make and 2. would feel great wearing!”
The Duality Dress
“The Duality Dress – my latest design. I love that this design is a representation of how far I’ve arrived in my design journey. To be able to design something that is flattering and flowy speaks to the aesthetics of many women and their unique body types. This is the first garment where I truly feel I’ve accomplished genuine body inclusivity.” This one isn’t released just yet but if you sign up to Arica’s newsletter you’ll be among the first to know when it hits Ravelry!
Geena Vest
“The denim jacket aka the Geena Vest is just…. I just LOVE IT. Who doesn’t love a denim jacket and this jacket, made out of yarn really looks the part and is so versatile. It is actually a fairly straightforward make although it may appear intimidating.”
We know that you are all probably looking for more so please click the social platform links below and follow Arca’s inspiring bistitual design journey:
Don’t forget to keep an eye on Instagram, as you will be hearing more from Arica soon!