It’s finished! I’m so pleased to have this sweater finished and in my wardrobe. Our Irish summer this year is starting off on the cool side so this is a very useful addition to my early summer wardrobe (who as I kidding…I’ll be wearing it all summer!)

As my gauge grew after my initial swatch I had a sweater that has a 50″ bust diameter when I finished. I kept working as I was ok with having a big swingy top. For the style I was going for extra width wasn’t a problem. I did however add a lot of extra decreases in for the sleeve so they fit correctly.

I want to thank my youngest, Lucas, for the photo shoot. He’s been a huge help to me this summer with both video and photography (and shortly with packing up my clubs!). Normally he’s at the gym 20-25 hours a week even during the school term so it works out well for both of us to have him involved with my business for the summer.

I’ll leave you now with a photo montage that is as much about my dog, Lizzie, as the sweater. She really does like to photo bomb!


One thought on “Stash Dive KAL COMPLETE!

  1. I think it’s a great little sweater and it has inspired me to make one myself from my own leftovers. How many times have we looked at our stash without really thinking we could turn out something as nice as your sweater! Or anything else for that matter. Into the breach, all you knitters!

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