image of woman looking down while wearing cables scarf

Celtic Knits Pattern 2: Muileata

image of woman looking down while wearing cables scarf

Our Celtic Knits journey may have been a little delayed but hopefully that’ll just make it just that much sweeter! Thank you all so much for your patience through this difficult time. I hope the package stuffed with woolly goodness fills you with joy! The packages were sent out over several weeks so all of you many not yet have received your package yet. Some destinations take a little longer than others I’m afraid!

detail of cabled scarf in two colours

This pattern uses one of my favourite techniques; two colour cables. It looks so much more complex then it is. (I’m a big fan of simple techniques that look complex)., The background is worked in garter stitch, striping between two colours. Then the cables are worked in stockinette stitch in a single colour only, allowing them to look almost like they ‘float’ across the top of the work. This is created by slipping the cable stitches when you are working the darker contrast colour so the cables stay in one colour only. Other that that the cables are worked the very same as standard cables!

woman wearing cabled scarf in two colours

I’ve kept the cable sections to just the two ends, if you’d like to make them a little longer I’ve give options to extend the cable sections at each end. That way the cable details which take a bit longer to work are used where you’ll see them, right at the ends. The section between is worked in garter stitch, initially striped and then just in the marled colour at the centre section.

detail of the scarf stretched out with cable detail showing

Blasta Yarn

The yarn used is again the wonderful Blasta Yarn that is milled for us in Donegal. This club used the grey ‘Liath’ colour combined with the marled ‘Burgundy Twist’ colour to create subtle garter stripes that work nicely together thanks to the overlapping colour families.

3 skeins of yarn shown over a cabled scarf


If you’ve missed out on the 2020 Celtic Knits Club you have a few chances of joining in over the coming months. In October, after the final club pattern is released I’ll be adding some individual kits to my website. In November I’ll release details of the 2021 club, sign up below the receive details when they are released.


5 thoughts on “Celtic Knits Pattern 2: Muileata

  1. I’ve knitted some of your patterns now and want to try more. Would be interested in your knitting clubs.

  2. I would love to join your knitting club, and I look forward to hearing about it. Thank you!

  3. I’ve been a follower of your work for a long time but never felt sure I had the skills to really try anything like Celtic knitting. But I’ve been working on so much I think I’m ready! I have watched your Celtic cables class on Craftsy/Blueprint/Craftsy-again so many times!!! I think I’ll finally brave it! Can I still order the yarn for that sweater from you?

    Also, you taught me short rows through your book and class- thank you! I’ve purchased the Malibrigo Rios to Make your market bag and really get my short row game on target!

    Let me know about the Celtic cables sweater yarn. Big step but I’m ready! ❤️

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