Peterswell Cowl

woman looking at flowers while wearing a light blue knitted cowl

It’s no secret that I love cables. Oddly enough though I seem to forget that I do until I work on another project with cables. It would appear that I’ve got a very short memory! Last year I designed a pair of fingerless mittens (Petwerswell Mitts) in Nua Worsted for my knitting tour class. I really fell in love with the cable on it and wanted to use it again.

detail of a cabled cowl held on a hand.

The interesting thing about this cable pattern is the way it switches between knit and purl in cable crosses. It’s such a simple thing to do but creates a really interesting cable detail. As a knitter this can be easily trip you up if you are flowing along nicely ‘knitting your knit sts and purling your purl sts’. To help with this I’ve added highlights to all of the cables that switch in the chart. I find this really helpful to avoid mistakes!

Peterswell Cowl Details

If you want to get your hands on this cowl you can find the pattern on my website here. If you’d like to get a yarn kit you can find them here. (Note pattern needs to be purchased separately).

Until 14th of July use code CABLELOVE to get 10% off both! (I’ve added the Peterswell Mitts into this discount as well).


This cowl uses a lot of techniques that I’ve got detailed in video tutorials.

On my website you can find M2P, M2, plus a full range of cable tutorials.

3 thoughts on “Peterswell Cowl

  1. Thank you for your kind attention
    — I’m looking forward to seeing Club Offers! 🙏🏼

  2. I am on Row 4. You have highlighted the cable crosses 2/2 RC and 2/2LC how am I supposed to change from Knit to Purl or Purl to Knit? I am confused. Normal 2/2 RC is K2, K2, so is the highlighted ones worked K2, P2? As I do the opposite as written on the cable needle on the highlighted cable crosses? Thank you :-)

  3. The cable cross ‘hide’ where the purl stitches become knit stitches at the back of the cable cross. To do the cable you will work it as presented knitting all the stitches (even though the 2 at the back start out as purl stitches!) this will not be seen from the front of the cable as the change happens at the back.

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