Cardigan Ambition

If weaving in ends and seaming make you shudder then let me introduce you to the magic of top-down knitting. Knitting a top-down raglan has many advantages. You can try it on as you go to ensure that dream sweater fit, there is no seaming, just a few weaving in of ends, and if you run out of yarn, it’s easier to make a sweater (or sleeves) shorter than it is to run out of yarn at the neck like a bottom-up sweater construction.

It’s also not as difficult as it sounds. We’ve got this down to a simple 3 step method that will teach you all the tips techniques and finishing you need so that you can walk away confident in raglan top-down knitting. I’ll be honest; I called this project ‘A Cardigan in a Weekend’ while we were working on it because it makes everything almost instantly achievable.

Starter Series – Cardigan Ambition

I remember my first garment knit, and it was a top-down raglan. I didn’t think too much about it, and I just dove straight in head first thinking about my finished knit. In hindsight thinking about the anatomy of a sweater, gauge and yarn types probably would have been a good idea before I dove right in, or even practicing a little first but for those of you who don’t know me, I can be a bit headstrong ;)

This is why Cardigan Ambition is next up in our Starter Series program. Once you’ve tackled the first steps in our Knit Basics course, it’s time to level up your knitting and learn the techniques for sweater knitting. You can take on a bite-sized sweater filled to the brim with professional techniques.

Cardigan Ambition – Step One

The secret to knitting the sweater of your dreams lies in its foundations. Step one is all about the anatomy of a sweater, choosing the right yarn and casting on. Here we take a look at the gauge and how it affects your knitting and simple tips and techniques to get you off on the right track.

Cardigan Ambition – Step Two

Next up we take you by the hand as things start to get interesting. The body and the sleeves are worked together, allowing you to learn all the seam-free knitting magic. The one significant advantage is that this will enable you to try it on as you knit. (Although this mini sweater may be tricky to do that with…works great when you size the sweater up though!)

Here in this course, we are knitting a miniature cardigan so if you happen to have a tiny human to knit for you can tailor it for them! Raglan knitting makes modifications much easier than in a seamed sweater. During this step, we take a look some adjustments you can make too. Learning on a small size is a great way of learning, you can pack all the techniques you need in with much less knitting.

Cardigan Ambition Conquered (aka Step 3)

With your sleeves separated from the body, it’s a relaxing knit to the finish line. Step three is where you relax and look at your growing cardigan with pride. We also wouldn’t leave you without showing you how to finish your garment like a professional.

In short easy-to-digest tutorials you’ll learn how to weave in your ends (don’t worry there are only a few), sew on buttons, so they don’t fall off, and finally blocking your mini-project to perfection. Before we leave you, Carol will go through some simple tips to give your project a well-rounded finish.

Ready to grab those needles and join us for a new knitting adventure?

Then pop on over here and conquer your raglan Cardigan Ambition this weekend.