Finishing A Neckline I-Cord

Finishing. It’s a word that can strike fear in the hearts of makers everywhere.

You’ve spent hours lovingly working on your latest project to find that after all that work you have a project that makes you feel a bit meh.

But, that’s not good enough.

We want you to love your projects.

We want you to feel great when you wear them, in fact, we will go so far as to say that we want you to feel like you’re on a fashion catwalk, feeling fantastic. Strutting your stuff while beaming with a slight head-tilt that says ‘Yes, I made this’.

While there are factors like gauge, pattern and yarn choice that get you there, finishing is something that can bring a garment from fine to fantastic.

Dacite pattern by Carol Feller in Nua Worsted colourway Unexpected Macaw
Dacite in Nua Worsted Unexpected Macaw

In today’s blog post, Carol is sharing one of the trickier parts of her pattern Dacite.

An I-cord edge can add a beautiful finish to a garment, especially when used around a neckline.

So hit play in the video below and learn how Carol approaches this finishing technique.

Project Workshop – Dacite

If this has piqued your interest in Dacite, you can find the pattern here.

If you would like a virtual knitting buddy while you make Dacite, we have just added our Project Workshop, including 30+ videos, to take you step-by-step from cast on to finishing. You can find it here.

Some of you might be wondering what yarn and colourway are used in the video above and it’s our Nua Worsted in Unexpected Macaw.

We will be back with another tutorial on the blog soon but Carol and I always have time for your comments.

If you have a favourite finishing technique that you would like to learn or one that you like to use to give your garments the professional touch let us know in the comments below.