Dacite: A Squishy Garter Stitch Cardigan with an I-cord Secret You Won’t Want to Miss.

You know sometimes there are patterns you want to revisit?

This even happens to me as a designer. There are designs that I just want to see in a new yarn, or I just want a newer version that I can wrap myself up in.


Dacite was definitely one of those knits for me!

The basic idea of the cardigan is simple; it’s a top-down raglan cardigan with wide garter stitch front panels that can be worn either folded over each other (buttoned-up) for a cosy look or open with wide waterfall front panels.



Look how different it looks with the front buttoned up!

It makes it so warm as a wind barrier as well with that double layer of squishy garter stitch.

With Dacite what also made me want to reknit it was the details. The I-cord edging, the slip stitch side seam that creates that tidy side fold and the tidy back shaping.

The I-cord in this project adds a professional finish that I love. I’ve added some extra tutorial videos on how to do the neckline and corners so that your project will lie beautifully. More on that soon!

But now you’re probably wondering about how this cardigan is put together.

Read on:



This is a top-down raglan, so it starts at the collar. I’ve given 2 cast-on options, either a standard cast-on or a provisional cast-on if you want to try something new.

From there you work raglan increases and then divide for the sleeves. Once you hit the body, you’ll do a little bit of shaping at the back along the two dart lines. Yes, you’ll need some knitting markers for this project.

To finish off,  you do a garter stitch edging and an I-Cord bind off. I’ve included lots of tips for turning corners with I-Cord and seamless joining options. The secret is in the seamless joining. 😉


If you are new (or newer) to garment knitting, you might really enjoy the help of my workshop. This is hosted on the Teachable platform, and it’s a mix of step-by-step videos and pattern breakdown for each step. Everything is shown in detail with lots of little pro tips and techniques as I work through the cardigan.

You can find the workshop here (note it comes with a pdf pattern download in the first lesson.)

If you’ve been reading this post and wondering about the yarn I used, this next part is for you.

Yarn Kits

The Dacite pictured here is knit in Nua Worsted in the Unexpected Macaw colourway.   I’ve also put some yarn knits together for you over here. The yarn is just a click away.

You can find the pattern only here on my website and on Ravelry here.


Would you like to try out the Dacite workshop for free?

I’m giving away access for free to one lucky winner.

All you have to do is tell me what technique you’d like to learn below in the comments, and I’ll pick a winner on Tuesday 10th of November, 2020 from the comments.


That’s all from me today but keep your eye on the blog for some exciting updates coming soon.

My lips are sealed and I can’t be bribed. Nadia already tried 😉


2 thoughts on “Dacite: A Squishy Garter Stitch Cardigan with an I-cord Secret You Won’t Want to Miss.

  1. Hi Carole – first let me say, I’m a big fan. Dacite is to be my next knit. I’m trying to finish some UFOs and WIPs. I’ve run into a problem. I did an attached icord bind off on the bottom of a summer tee and it wants to roll too the right side. Do you have a solution? The yarn is Holstgarn Coast, a cotton/wool blend, held double, on 3.75mm needles. My tension in stockinette is 6 sts/inch.

    I’ve left the icord sts on a locking marker so I can rip back and pick up my 242 live sts if there’s a fix you recommend..

    Love your work – I have several of your patterns in my waiting list and can hardly wait to start them all, but Dacite is first in line. Thanking you in advance.

    Shari Masson

  2. Hi Shari,
    If there was stockinette stitch above the I-Cord then it’s going to have a tenancy to roll before blocking. I find for most knits if you wet block and pin the edge down it’ll stop the rolling.

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