What You Can Do with Crochet

Did you know that crochet is quite a young craft? Unlike knitting where we have 7th-century examples in Egyptian tombs, crochet really only burst onto the scene in the late Victorian era when magazine printing started to bloom, and ladies magazines became all the rage.

In less than 200 years, crochet has exploded and evolved into many different styles. Still, the wonderful thing about it is that once you learn the basics, you are going to be equipped with the right techniques and the right language to create the most beautiful most exotic looking pieces.

If you would like to learn more about crochet or even take up a hook yourself, then sit back and press play on the video below and let Aoibhe Ni take you through what you can do with crochet.

This video is part of our Starter Series – Zero to Crochet where Aoibhe Ni takes you from a complete beginner to being a whizz with a crochet hook.

In this series, we asked Aoibhe to share her signature style along with all the tips, techniques, and troubleshooting you would need and what she delivered was this beautiful, all-encompassing crochet course that leaves no one left behind if you want to find out more about it or to sign up to the course click here.

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